Last post was Black and White, so this one should be color again, don't you agree?

Commissioned is a "usually" color, "sometimes" Black and White comic with a variety of storylines and side stories. Most noticeably are:
* The life of Obsidian
* Cyberpunk
* The adventures of dwarf and elf (and weretiger)

The quality varies between simple, to high quality black and white, to high quality color (As seen in the previews of this post).

There will be random jokes regarding current events, or past events of the author's life and friends. Odd stuff regarding ninjas, pirates, zombies and a mix of those three in varying degrees of fun oddity. Cat jokes, seasonal jokes, movies and many more. It is a pretty random comic all-round, yet it never ceases to amaze the casual reader. It will draw you in like a magnet.

Trick or Treat?!

Commissioned - aka The ministry of abnormality, has something for everyone. Too much perhaps. It's a very random, but interesting view into the chaotic mind of Obsidian.


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