Las Lindas

Another among the giants of the web comic world is Las Lindas. Featuring 349+ pages, and over eight years of drawing experience.

The story is about a cow-girl (Not the western movie kind), Mora Linda the bovine star of the series who owns a vegetable farm. She's recruiting a number of others to help her manage the farm and work the land. Initially she's recruited the cat Miles at the bar by seduction and a good whack to the head with a frying pan... and of course a nice bit of blackmail.

Other characters include variations of Cats, Rabbits, Dogs, Lizards, Skunks and many more animals made into detailed and interesting characters. This comic holds more active character personalities than I've seen in any other web comic so far. And, they each come with a level of detailed character background and information so they may play their own part in the story to save and protect Mora's farm.

I suggest starting at page 1 if you start reading this one, but that goes for most comics. Don't miss out on the bonus comics though ;)

Putting the "cat" into Cat-fight. Go have a peek at Las Lindas, and enjoy the amazing art of Chalo in this great web comic.
Also, bonus comics and fan service!


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