Nerf Now!

Although not the first post to this blog, Nerf Now! is the "first comic" to be added to the list. I'm sure Josué will appreciate the gesture.

Another reason I picked Nerf Now! is because of this great and useful ESRB rating example.

A blog like this needs a clear start on what readers can expect to be posted.

Simply put we'll be aiming at the Teen section, mildly skirt around the Mature tidbits and avoid most of the Adult only stuff. That is, in regards to images posted however. I'm not responsible for any content that comic authors post, in fact I can promise you there will be a number of adult comics linked in the near future.

In terms of language use... It'll be colorful so and then, so I hope you're not easily offended. I'm only human, not all ratings will be 100% accurate, so keep your angry parents where I don't need to see them.

Nerf this!

Nerf now Started out with a number of Team Fortress comics, then later hit on Starcraft, Mario and a variety of other games. Most of which you should recognize.

All 'n all it's an "often cute" web comic you will best enjoy if you are an avid gamer. Some of the jokes will be difficult to understand if you are not. I'd recommend having a browse through the site either way.

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