Ninety Nines

Since the last comic was about two lesbians, let's put up a gay one today.

The comic Ninety Nines is about two cat/furry/alien kind of creatures called Aqua and Serge. It's a collection of random jokes and creations, offensive language abuse, dick jokes and evil blood sucking goldfinches (The small, yellow kind).

It starts out with fairly simple drawings, then moves on to full scale high res color every so and then. The number of updates are sadly lacking of late as it's a very funny comic. Regardless of your personal religious tastes.

If you are easily offended, a religious zealot, overweight - gay hating american, this comic is probably not for you. For anyone else, it's a good read with plenty of rude and amusing comedy all around.

Coffee and energy drinks all around, Ninety Nines!
And one and two Deviant Art pages, in case you like the arrrrt, there is more :) (Also room to complain about the lack of updates!)


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