Sister Claire

Staying in last post's theme of religion, Sister Claire takes you along a fantastic story of a nun in a monastery full of other nuns.

Ok, wait, that sounds boring. Let me spice it up for you:
* Witches being allergic to cats.
* The lead character gets pregnant.
* Devil cats and cute white cats.
* Gabriel(le) of the G.O.D corporation, rising from the toilet.
* The reverend mother speaking yoda.
* H2O holy water from a squirt gun.
* Nun-Fu, martial arts of extreme punishment.

Sounds better now, right?
All the nuns have unique personalities, and have their own parts in the story. Some are trained in the art of nun-fu and will kick butt. There's also the classic evil sister, posession of the evil cat spirit, body transformations and oh hey so much more.

The first chapter is in black and white, all the rest are in full color. All intentional though, as color is introduced with the arrival of Gabriel(le).

Who knew right? The archangel was a woman.

Cats are an integral part of the storyline, as you'll quickly see.
Start reading Sister Claire to find out more!
And the artist's DeviantArt page for related art :)


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