Twisted Kaiju Theater

Neo Monster island, or Twisted Kaiju Theater is a comic, and not a comic both at the same time.

Some explanation is required on this though. Basically the "roots" of the comic come from a huge collection of monster toys both big and small. Arrange the toys, take an image, put the image on your computer, edit it with photoshop for special effects and text boxes and then print that on the website.

This has been going on for a staggering 1760 pages - and still counting. The comedy is as the comic title suggest - somewhat twisted and definitely aimed at the more mature reader. But the comedy - there is SO much of it! It's hard to believe it's coming from a single crazy mind.

Plenty of people have "tried" making a web comic in a similar way, either with lego toys, or sonic the hedgehog sprites, or megaman sprites, you name it. But, like with any black and white comic, it's not the quality of the artwork that makes the comic. It's the person behind the comic that makes it into the work of art that inspires thousands to read it every time there is an update.

A very twisted kind of special even, and for all that it's just that much more awesome.

It's one of those comics where you can start reading halfway through (page 1500 or thereabouts) and with a few clicks you'll enjoy it. Personally, picture and sprite comics don't do much for me, but this one stands out of the lot by a decent head (and tail). It has great comedy value of a unique kind that you're not likely to find elsewhere.

And the occasional bonus artwork,

Release your inner Kaiju and get stompy, at Twisted Kaiju Theater!


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