Saturday, March 26, 2016

March 26, 2016
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Part 5 - the morning after

After part 4 was published, several artists came to my defense, they created accounts on RPG-Codex and MMO-Champion to speak-up against James.

James claimed he would post a solid rebuttal, but never did. James has been doing his charade, delusional development for so long, instead of facing the truth, he decided to cancel GM and take down the entire site instead. - now gives you a 404 error.

Q: What half-truths and lies are there?
A: James has pointed-out issues about uLink. James did not dispute facts about part 1, part 2, part 3, and ignorant what his friends are doing.

James has stated he had a team to help him. I could not find their arts or code or music portfolio:
1. Steven Davis doing his usual business of scamming others, as he scammed a week after part IV was published:
at the unity 3D forum.

2. The person doing environment, Paul Hemmings does not have a portfolio. Either I don’t see it or a google search of “Paul Hemmings Portfolio” has 0 results. So you can imagine what kind of Unity environment work he is doing...

3. Aaron Victoria has 0 results for portfolio. He’s very busy in the same vein - asking for free work, claiming he is an artist…

4. Jason Appleton has 0 results for portfolio, a lousy person who uses ELance to hire developers to originally code and give it to James on a silver platter, website and treats others very badly as stated in part 3, and 4.

5. SlyJesse has 0 results for portfolio.
6. MagicRules has 0 results for portfolio.
7. Tyler has 0 results for portfolio.
8. Matt Eichler... no mention of GM on portfolio...
9. David Bennell…  0 portfolio.
10. Cindy ...can't find any info.
11. Patrick Tempond... 0 portfolio
12. Vincent Foster... no mention of any prior games.

13. Joel Hager, Lumpyguy, the artist with nothing on his portfolio.

Lumpyguy claims to do post-production audio. No musical tracks exists, nor is he credited in any album, track or discography. So you can imagine what kind of musician he is...

Joel claims to be part of Boise Pulse Music, the largest music magazine:

Is an empty website...

The original artwork made 5 years ago is similar as what James GM artwork is now today. Nothing much has changed since.

Q: Why did James close down GreedMonger?
A: James could not open-source anything, since his code is less than 1% of the original products he brought and used.

A normal Unity project will have more than 50% as custom-coded, custom-assets. In GM, almost nothing.

James has created a new project, Project Reality, with all store-bought coding. He knows the truth about FPS (Frames-Per-second) issues and bloated terrain. Players will maul him once James makes his game available. 

James probably understands the issues about instanced sessions, mentioned in part 3 and 4, and his inability to pay for high-end expensive servers, which requires Jason Appleton to sponsor servers when more progress is made.

A competent MMO developer would be able to code a server which hosts hundreds of instanced sessions on one server, something for James Proctor to think about, since it is way beyond his skill-level, and all of the known MMO solutions for Unity, including Project Gorgon. Eric, the developer of Project Gorgon knows about this issue plaguing his MMO, since he left Carbine/Wildstar.

You can imagine the hypocrisy. James stating on his FB page that he is not associated with Jason and later, it is found Jason is the original investor.

Advice for James:
- Stop using and relying on store-bought assets. Learn to code your own things. It’s better James deletes everything and start from zero.
- Stop using Unity/Unreal/Cry. It will be good to learn C++ and low-level OpenGL, DirectX, TCP mailboxes, direct database access.
- Stop advertising yet another MMO, since all known MMO solutions for Unity/Unreal/Cry are full of BS and if the developer is not competent, he will buy this, that and turn into yet another GM trainwreck.
- Stop associating with scam-artists. James mentality is same as those scam-artists. Feigning stupidity and claiming to be innocent.
- Get a job. James the burger flipper, delivery guy or cashier can earn more money than James the MMO developer.

As mentioned in part 4, don’t feel sorry for James. If you give money to James, you enable him to call his work a success, without any thought of deliverables or game. James needs to pick-up his life and start from the very beginning - basic coding without asset-store items.

Q: Is Jason Appleton a clueless person?
Jason Appleton is very smart. His Billy Bolts project has beautiful artwork and an impressive website:

See: iTunes.

In a normal game-project, the owner hires artists who drew prior art, developers who made fully-completed, playable games, musicians who have hours of listenable music on their website.

Do not associate with the people involved with GM. They are known to borrow money, extort, post chat-logs against you (as in part II), vilify, entrap, bad-mouth (as in part IV), are n00b artists, n00b modellers, rookie coders who have no game-development experience. They are scammers who want lots of money in exchange for non-existent artwork, horrible models (or just buy something on Asset Store to give to you ;), terrible code and they have nothing art-worthy to show on their non-existent portfolios since 2012 when GM was Kickstarted.

These people don’t understand hardship - where others suffer loss, inconvenience artists who have to redo everything again to fix horrific mess, business owners ruined, constant slander and rumor-mongering from them.
A normal artist, would join a design company, a game-studio, work his way up the ladder. In four years’ time, they would be at intermediate level by now, or possibly having their name on the credits-list of several games, plenty of finished projects and lots of original art in their portfolio.

If James doesn’t listen, Karma will remind him. You can imagine how evil he is, to cause so many people to speak-up against him.