Thursday, December 06, 2007

December 06, 2007
Currently in 2.3.0 this is 125% with a 10 charge 36 damage buff applied on hit. A change of -15% weapon damage, and 10*6 buff damage. If i run my gear trough the spreadsheet found in this post, I come up with the following values : Personal DPS * 2.3.0 : 1447.27 * 2.3.2 : 1432.37 A decrease of about 15 DPS My total Raid DPS with Hemo buff included * 2.3.0 : 1563.73 * 2.3.2 : 1562.11 An small decrease of about 1.6 DPS. So, my personal dps gets kicked down a bit, as does the total raid's dps. It's disappointing to say the least, even though it's all theory. My gear is 4/5 T5, everything SSC and TKE have to offer (still working on Kael though). Ignore the riding crop if it's there. Perhaps someone using T6 will see different results, but i expect the relative values to be fairly much the same. In theory however the tank threat gets a small buff due to the larger hemo buff, this should allow mages and the like to do a tiny bit more damage before overaggroing. I suppose we'll have to manage, though why of all things blizzard would choose 42 is anyone's guess.


Unknown said...

because the answer is 42 (,_the_Universe,_and_Everything)

bbr said...

Blizzard has a weird sense of humor for sure :P