Saturday, December 08, 2007

December 08, 2007
Our guild never managed to really get started with the Temple of AQ (BC started just as we had killed nefarian twice), but i did manage to get a hold of the Broodlord's head, and thus was able to farm the silithid carapaces. I've been doing this on and off before the patch, but the grind was dreadfully slow and boring. With the new patch kindly removing the elite status of all the critters in Silithus, i figured this was as good a time as any to grind my rep up with Nozdormu. So, this last friday with the kind help of a few guild members we farmed the last few stacks and got my reputation up to neutral. This opened a wide range of quests for me to play with. With the potential for a few interesting and unique rewards somewhere along the line. I know the food isn't in particularly useful, since you can get the Spicy Crawdad, but still it's damn fun to do these quests so far. And as for the ring, well... i suppose i could get this trinket sometime. But the ring can be used in combat, and being a rogue i can't use the hydrocane. The other rewards will likely end up as Nexus crystal. Alliance This afternoon i got to the point where i had to talk to the Forest Whisp in Darnassus. Alliance town. No problem i'm a rogue and managed to found the whisp easily enough. But then, i figured i'm in the middle of a major Alliance capital, lets kill some noobs. Teldrassyl I went to the lowbie starting area, which was guarded by 6 fairly weak stealth detecting guards. Standing around for a bit, and sure enough somebody attacked me! Seriously, i can't help but wonder what goes trough the mind of these low level players that gives them the insane notion that they can take even a moderate percentage of my health down ? Either way, it wasn't long before i had a dozen of lovely red health bars jumping around me trying to kill me, only to face swift retribution by my sword. Initially i'd only kill anything that shot me more than once and just /dance or /lick the others. But after a while our Main Tank decided he wanted part of the action and flew over as well. Long story short, we spent 2-3 hours killing anything and everything that moved. It was a massacre, but bloody hell it was FUN! Quest Progress Currently working on the rest of the blue shard quest, it's got an annoying ammount of flying north, south, north, south which seems to be intended to keep you busy. But eventually i'll finish it. Next up: The 4 dragons, nefarian, onyxia, and ragnaros. Hopefully i can stir enough people to help clear those for old time's sake ;)