Wednesday, December 05, 2007

December 05, 2007
Whether you're a new player, or just getting started on another server, you'll be faced with the eventual question.
What do i name my character, avatar or toon.
Some players refer to it as their toon, which in all aspects is just wrong. Avatar is the correct term, though blizzard most commonly refers to it as your character.

The absolute number 1 rule when making naming your character is : Be creative.
Seriously, I pity the poor unimaginative retard that keeps coming up with crap like: Superman, Spiderman, Cowhunter, OrcWarrior, ElfMage, FrostMage, DikkeKoe, Hunter-DK, Mage-DK.
Need i go on? And it's not just 1 of their characters that they name that way either. Every single effin one of them.

At this point in time you've been staring at the character screen for a couple of minutes and have tried the name of every single one of your well known idols or heroes, but sadly found them to be taken. Sucks to be you.
Now, either you could solve this like an average sugar high 12 year old and randomly add letters and phrases to the name you initially wanted so that you can get that character created as fast as possible and finally start playing.
Even though this method obviously fails in so many levels.

For example:
Legolas. Damnit taken.
Legolass, darn also taken.
Legolasss, wtf?
Lhegolas, darnation.
Leeghoolass, damnit also taken.
xxLegolasxx, damnit what's wrong with this game !?
XxLeeghooliasXx, woot lets play !

I'm sure you remember this comic?

Or you could be relaxed about it, after all you'll be stuck with this name for a long time unless you want to spend about 10$ on it at a later time.
Your in game name reflects part of your personality, it needs to be unique and stand out in a crowd, and yet it needs to be easy to remember for any potential friends of customers.
Also consider this, if you were a guild leader and had 2 people apply to your guild, let's say : Arthuris, and XxLeeghooliasXx.
Without looking as the rest of those 2 applications, who would you presume is the more mature minded person ?

So, let's get started, hit google and type in "Random Name Generator".
In absolutely no time you will find a dozen different types of generators, all who are willing to help you find a nice name for your character. (Yes i just said character there)

Alternatively you could look for a site that lists baby names. No i'm not kidding. Just hit google again and type in "baby names", you'd end up at a site like this with over 35000 names to pick from. I'm sure they'll have something that can be used, right?

Obviously not all of the random names will be very good to use, but there's a few gems that you may run into.
Once you found a name, type it into Warcraft Realms, and check if it's really as unique as you think. Ultimately you'll be the only person in the whole world with that exact name.
As long as nobody copies you, you'll be truly unique. I could imagine this having an added value on a RP server.

So, that's the name part taken care of.
Level 1 - Noob.


Anonymous said...

The name example was very funny!
good writing

Anonymous said...

I always find the greatest names ever and they're never taken.
My warrior's name?
My hunter:
My mage:

I'm the winner :D