Saturday, December 01, 2007

December 01, 2007
That's right, its coming. Or as blizzard likes to say : Soon (TM) I was expecting it last wednesday, but go figure.... no patch. So we're still holding out on guild invites for the moment. Why, you may ask. Patch 2.3.0 gave us the much anticipated guild banks. Being the rich skank that i am ingame... ofcourse I had to made a private guild bank on one of my alts. 500 slots of storage, and her normal ~120+90 bagslots. Sadly it's already almost full again... But at least i was able to delete 2 character slots to make room for a Deathknight later next year. Anyway, the bug allows a new guild member to hold his old guild's bank permissions. Well, it's not very common knowledge, but according to this post it's pretty serious. There have been several complaints on the official blizzard forums about this issue, some complaining about having been completely emptied. I managed to find a blue response: This issue is penciled in to be corrected for patch 2.3.2, as it is an issue with the game client, and not possible to correct with a hotfix. So... hopefully this patch will be released soon. Keep an eye on these for now : * * Then again... if you ever read : or The list of known issues for 2.3.2 is rather big. • Shaman grounding totem causes player to stand up. • Stormwind bank does not work. • The tooltip for icy veins is misleading. • summoning eye of kilrog causes warlock pet to despawn. • Hunter Volley Animation has reverted to pre-2.3 graphics. • Tracking abilities do not work correctly from high altitude. • There is a token in the tooltip for hunter snake trap. • Warrior talent defiance is not giving expertise. • Polymorph is sharing the same diminishing return countdown as Sap,Chastise and Gouge. • Crusader strike works inconsistently on the Zul'jin encounter in Zul'Aman. • Rank 1-5 of hunter arcane shot are not doing more damage as indicated in the patch notes. • Priest ability pain suppression is increasing the chance to resist dispell on hostile spells. • Druid leader of the pack buff is persisting after leaving feral form.Summoning a felguard after re-specing causing the felguard to remain stunned. • Rogue cloak of shadows is not giving 90% spell resistance. • Hunter auto-shot toggles off when no longer facing the target. • Paladin Improved Concentration aura and Spiritual focus are not preventing spell pushback. • You cannot re-capture the irondeep mine in alterac valley. • Players are getting multiple mails for the collectors edition pet. • Information in the book "peeling the onion" is no longer acurate. • Beast Lord Helm inappropriately hides troll tusks. • Black bow of the betrayer breaks scatter shot. • Season 2 and Tier 5 priest helms are too large on undead males. • Mark of Vindication is not restoring mana. • Vindicators leather boots do not match the rest of the vindicators leather set. • Undead female off-hand weapons are held wrong. • Warlock season 3 helmet does not match the rest of the set. • PVP trinket cannot be used to break rogue Sap. • Hair is shown inconsistently on druid arean and T6 helmets. • Warlock pets are despawned on the boats and no soul shard is refunded. • There is a moongraze buck in the middle of the exodar. • Auto-attack is not advancing /castsequence macros in the same way that auto-shot does. • The new ! command in macros is not working as described in the patch notes. • Pet character sheet is not displayed correctly. • Missing text in the mage iceblock tooltip. • LUA error on the pet paperdoll frame. • LUA error when socketing items.