Tuesday, December 04, 2007

December 04, 2007
If you're a regular raider and either losing money with 50g daily repair bills + potons + reagents, or barely cutting equal you'll enjoy the knowledge that making money is in fact quite easy. All it requires is a little effort. I'll highlight the most commonly known ones : * Farming, this includes either farming mobs, fishing, mining, etc. * Pray for lucky drops, basically the same as farming but much less reliable. * Daily quests, if you have a lot of high level alts this can make a nice bunch of cash with minimal effort. * Play the auction house, buy low sell high. * Blackmail your guild leader, don't ask. * Re-selling white vendor recipes, people are lazy you can make a profit out of this. * Disenchanting, whether it's crafted items, or cheap junk off the auction house. * Speedlevelling alt characters, at lvl 70 each quest you complete gives about 12-18g each. * Scam people, don't do this you will get banned. Plus you'll need a good reputation to make reliable money. Scamming is bad, don't do it. * Selling enchants, rare recipe crafts and generally spamming the "trade" channel in a public city. Firstly i'd like to make you aware of the following thread on the Elitist Jerks forum about the art of making gold. It's a nice read and i can higly recommend checking it out sometime. Now, depending on your class, spec and gear you might want to consider your options. Obviously mob-farming isn't quite as effective as a healer than it would be for a full epic warlock, mage or rogue. Even if you were to equip your dps gear. So, among the options listed earlier, you'd have to decide which is best for you. I'll give more details on each subject later. Daily Quests A recent addition to the game is Daily quests, some of these such as: * Cooking quest 7g * Fires over Skettis : 12g * The relic's emanations 9g * Bomb them again 12g * Wrangle more aether rays 12g * Booterang! 12g * Picking up the pieces 18g Obviously there are more quests you can do, but these seven are all quite easy to do even for a healer, and in total they pay about 80g While the profit per hour is somewhat low, it's good money for very little effort, and minimal risk of death or partially lethal injury. Keep in mind that the last 2 (booterand + picking up the pieces) require you to have 300 mount skill. This means you'd have to spend 5000g to learn this skill before those quests become available. Gathering If you are a miner, skinner, herbalist, or engineer a good way to earn an extra buck outside of raid time is to gather materials. Whether purely for your own use, or for selling on the auctions a good gatherer can make a lot of money if he knows where to look. If you plan to use gathering as a source of income it's highly recommended to buy a fast flying mount as soon as possible. Without a 310% speed mount you may not find gathering to be worth your time, as you'll have a hard time competing with people who are a lot faster by air than you would be. On my server, fel iron bars are about 20g per stack, and adamantite about 30g per stack. Prices may fluctuate. Most people sell bars, however prospecting is quite profitable as well. Prospecting a stack of 100 adamantite (50g worth) ore may yield you an average 1-3 blue gems with a value between 10-80g, as well as several green gems, and some adamantite powder. I fear i haven't actively mined in a good while, but on average i'd say 100-200 ore per hour is quite doable. This may seem low at first, but keeping in mind that while farming adamantite you'll also get the occassional khorium vein, several random gems, motes of earth by the dozen, and eternium which sells for over 10g per bar. Herbalism is another good gathering profession, and again it helps to have a fast mount. Most popular herb sell for between 15-60g per stack. Even the common trash felweed can easily sell for 10g per stack. Terocone, Netherbloom, Ancient lichen also sell very well. You'd have to check the AH on your own server for comparing prices however. More to come later, stay tuned.