Wednesday, December 26, 2007

December 26, 2007
So here i was, almost exalted with CE (yeah i know i slack with that), farming Steamvault with some others. And i get a whisper... "hello" So i check, Lvl 1... Damn goldspammers getting smarter by the day /grumble Turns out it was a reader of the blog ! He notified me of this here post on the World of Raids forum, done by some "Zurg". Obviously that isn't me, as i don't even have an account on their forums. But it's still cute to see parts of the blog being copied. Even though i'd prefer to be notified of that sooner. The good guy was honorable enough to link the source, so it's all good. But please, register on the forums under your own name next time ;) Anyway, for those interested, i did a small update based on the reactions of that post to Chapter 3 of the gold making guide. Enjoy ! And a further update, my mage hit lvl 52 a few days ago as intended. I got his Jewelcrafting up to 352 before gains just, stopped. I went trough 2 stacks of gems on a green craft, and not a single gain. I guess blizzard wants me to start using the blue quality gems now. I've sold about 300 Gingerbread Cookies (you know, those things that need small eggs) for about 3-4g per 5. This netted about 200g so far, not a lot, but all bits add up. If i was a lvl 40 trying to scrape up money for a mount, i'd have been done and set for in less than a few hours. Keep in mind i didn't farm for the eggs. Wut? I was farming 99 light feathers for my hunter's quiver, the eggs were a bonus, and thus basically paid for the primal nether. Also got my shaman to lvl 70 today, and bought him his epic mount to get around quicker. He's got nearly all quests in BEM, Netherstorm, and SMV still available to him, at 12-18g profit per quest. Beat that with doing dailies, i dare you. (So that makes 4 characters each with an epic flying mount now, as well as 1 character with a 5 slot personal guild bank) Never say the guide doesn't work ;)


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Just so you know that level 1 who contacted you is the admin of, he said he contacted you and posted this on his irc channel: link

He is trying to harm other news sites in any possible way.

bbr said...

Interesting, i'd never have guessed.
Don't see how that would negatively affect any other sites though.

Any advertisement is good advertisement as they say.