Sunday, December 16, 2007

December 16, 2007
Horrible christmas songs on the radio 24/7, the same crud 10x a day.
The season of stores trying to brainwash you with commercials about why their product is better than the next one.
Having to spend loads of money on family members to prevent yourself getting dug into the ground with guilt and other junk.
At least there's plenty of candy to go around!

Ah well, i'm sure some people enjoy it, but i'm generally not one of them.
Either way i "do" have 2 weeks off work, so i'll be spending some time levelling my mage up somewhat. The goal is to get at least lvl 50 which should be quite doable.
If not for the fact that i got a new scanner and have been doodling somewhat.
I'll show you some later. Updates will probably be somewhat slacking until the new year starts. Just so you know.