Friday, December 07, 2007

December 07, 2007
Whether it's the best thing to be invented since chocolate i can't say... but still, this is pretty damn cool.

This american company has a $19.900 - $49.900 worth 3D printer sitting at their office (possibly more than one) which allows them to literally "print" a 3D model of your favourite warcraft model into an actual little figure.
Also see their FAQ.

The site doesn't "officially" open until 11'th December 2007, but i figure you'd enjoy a preview still.
Each little figure costs you about $99, which when converted puts it at about 67,09 Euros (excl shipping). This seems pretty cheap if you compare it to other companies selling miniatures like this, especially custom made ones.

The bad news however.... they don't ship to europe (yet). So make sure you send them many an email requesting them to start shipping these little guys to europe as soon as possible.

The people over at GamingSteve have some more pictures for you to look at as well.

The colors aren't too bad, but if you compare the work to some of the insanely well done stuff that some people do to their warhammer figures, you'll notice it's actually a bit bland compared to actual paint. Their methods are fully automated, hence the low cost. If for those 67 euros you aren't satisfied with the default printed colors, you could always have them re-painted by an expert or even do it yourself.
I'm sure It's just a matter of taste, some might prefer the bright paint colors we have in game, others might prefer the deskjet printed colors that FigurePrints puts on the models.

Still, call me a geek, but i want one, possibly more than one.

Also interesting, some guy made some anime PVC figures of some of his characters, with mount and all. And you could always make one with clay if you have those skills.
If all else fails, you can always just dress yourself up like a true geek.