Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April 23, 2008
So, it's the weekend, and your guild decides to do a quick clear of Karazhan.

You've only done this a hundred times, don't need badges, seen about every alt in the guild get his helm and glove token. Basically, you're bored of the place and haven't got much to keep your mind occupied other than watching porn in split screen modus or whispering that lvl 10 blood elf who claims he's a girl.

Here's some ideas

* Karazhan bingo! (See pic on the right)
* Texas hold 'em poker
* Musical chairs at Moroes' room.
* Play Turret wars.
* Check out the giant list of other internet games at the wow forums.
* Watch some Anime online.
* Read some Comics.
* Do some classic Nintendo games.
* Make odd sounds on Teamspeak and try to blame others.
* Cause a horrible raid wipe in a most original fashion and try to blame others.
* See how long you can play an alt before you're kicked from the raid or found out.
* See how much mobs you can pull "without" wiping the raid.
* See how much mobs you can pull in 1 go. (my record was about every mob from maiden to moroes)
* Set a speed record on clearing KZ.
* Play "dodge the infernal" at prince malchezaar by stopping all DPS at 30%
* Chat in /1 with other raid groups.
* Convince the raid to pull 2 bosses at the same time.
* Clear KZ with weird group setups, such as 10 druids or 10 paladins.
* Ironman KZ with 3-5 players rather than 10.

What do you do when you're trying to keep yourself busy in a boring KZ run?