Thursday, April 10, 2008

April 10, 2008
Does your guild have a "motto"?

Ours is "Rampage is a Mature raiding guild", frequently repeated by the guild leader.
And we gladly (dis)prove him of this on a daily basis with random comments during the raid. I'd post some here but they're very much NSFW.

It's hilarious at times, so much that TeamSpeak just degenerates into a drunken party. But still, we manage good progress and everyone is having fun. That's all that matters. Our TS is not for the faint of heart though, that's for sure.

Our age requirement on recruits is 16+, though it should probably be at least 18+ for some of the language used on TS. Don't tell your mother, or she'll forbid you to make an application.

Your computer place

Do you have anything weird or out of place lying around your computer? Do you pet your mouse, or frantically clean it after every raid? Are there any weird rituals you perform before logging on, like a sequence, start computer, log IE, check mail for love letters and latest viagra prices, delete spam, check guild forum, log wow.

Without really thinking about it, a lot of your actions might be automatic. When my computer has booted the first few things i do :
* Start winamp
* Launch FF, check guild forum.
* Start p2p
* Start wow
* Start task manager and lower wow priority

As for weird stuff around the computer, how about 3 kilograms of small galvanized flat rings? Bet you won't see those at an average computer work place. Also a powerball, another computer, 2 sets of pliers (for the rings eh). So i've made some chain mail, it's quite interesting. Fun to see the reaction of people when you flash our a stainless steel sheet of rings. I'll post a picture of some stuff later. Busy busy n all.

Maybe you got a miniature of your wow characters eh? Or perhaps a Frostmourne. Your computer place might be a mess, but it's probably quite unique.


Anonymous said...

start up comp - and Juggling my Dual screens I load MSN, WOW, Vent, then while wow is logging / and working what I need to do in game. I check my mail, Facebook Google reader, Livejournal, Gumtree, and Guildforums - then check the news sites, I so need to get more of my online 'life' on RSS. Would make it alot easier.. Dual screens FTW.....

Arcan Genth said...

Heh, those galvanised rings might not be as odd to everyone as you think.

I've usually got a few piles of them here and there. Mine are more rounded than flat, though. I wind my own coils(or would, if my mandrel hadn't busted a couple months back). Do you use washers then? Or flatten them yourself?

Nibuca said...

"lower wow priority"


bbr said...

A nearby hardware store had a few dozen packages of 500 galvy washer rings for 1.50 euro a piece, crazy cheap. So i bought like 14 of them and stuck them in a large box. It's quite heavy and should keep me occupied a while ^.^
The rings are quite tight, so not really suited for making armor of any sorts, but it's good for necks or bracers. (Got some blackened SS for making sheets.)
I bought the SS from an online store, much better quality than i'd be able to produce myself. Perhaps if i can get my hands on some proper wire i may do some winding myself, but mainly lacking the tools or suppliers for that currently.

As for lowering wow priority, i run windowed mode. If i run wow at the same time as emule, ie, firefox, safari or whatever else then those applications receive 0-1% cpu time while wow is running.
If i set wow to 1 stage lower priority on the task manager then those applications receive enough cpu time to run normally and wow doesn't receive any lag at all.
Wow is quite a demanding CPU hog on it's own.

May seem strange, but it works amazingly well.

bbr said...

Got 2 screens here as well, but the 19" monitor broke down >_<

I got a working replacement under the table (stubbed my foot on it at least 3 times in the past month) but haven't managed to get a Coax-RGB5 cable for it yet. Hard to get them as it turns out.

At least the monitor was free :P