Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 21, 2008
It's time for the midsummer fire festival, which runs from June 21 - July 4 both in Azeroth and Outland. I'm sure you've seen the rewards vendor, and wondered what them blue things do? Worry no longer. The Captured Flame is the same as last year, the Brazier of Dancing Flames is pretty cool though. It dances, and reacts to some emotes. Somebody uploaded a youtube vid of it if you're still curious. Fire is pretty hot indeed.

To get the rewards you need Burning Blossoms. Which can be obtained trough a number of quests, some daily quests in your city or diminishing the bonfires of your opposing faction.

Keep in mind each bonfire can only be extinguished once a year.

Wowwiki's info on the item is rather limited, so I figured I'd make a post for the regular blog readers. OK, maybe more for myself since I couldn't be arsed to sort trough the thing manually, and wanted an alphabetic list, but the other option sounds nicer don't you think? Hopefully you find this list useful.

Some credits go the comments section on wowhead for the original (poorly sorted list) of Burning Blossoms.

City Fires

Opposing faction gives an item for 25 tokens, own faction doesn't seem to work other than daily quests. H = Horde, A = Alliance, but I figure you're smart enough to understand that.

  • A - Ironforge - Hall of Explorers.
  • A - Darnassus - Rut'theran Village (not in Darnassus City itself)
  • A - Stormwind - North-Northeast of the "Magic Quarter", diagonally opposite the Stockade
  • A - Exodar - The Crystall Hall.

  • H - Silvermoon City - Southern Corner of "Court of the Sun"
  • H - Undercity - On the surface level, just on your left as you enter the ruins of Lordaeron
  • H - Orgrimmar - Valley of Wisdom, South/East Corner
  • H - Thunder Bluff - Spirit Rise, Western Side


    Own faction awards 5, opposing faction awards 10.
    Thlop on the Official forums also posted a nice map, as seen on the right.

    On top of 5-10 Burning Blossoms, you also receive up to 5g 95s - 11g 99s at level 70 (or XP if not maxed yet)


  • A - Ashenvale - Southern Exit. from Astranaar, just over the bridge
  • H - Ashenvale - South/West of Splintertree Post. (near the guard tower)
  • A - Azuremyst Isle - Due south. of the small lake situated west of Azure Watch, along the road.
  • A - Bloodmyst Isle - South along the road. from Blood Watch.
  • H - Desolace - Just South. of Shadowprey Village, at it's entrance
  • H - Durotar - Just South. of Razor Hill
  • A - Darkshore - South of Auberdine., near the shoreline.
  • A - Desolace - South and slightly west. of the path leading out of Nijel's Point
  • A - Dustmallow Marsh - Outside Theramore keep., on the road leading north west.
  • H - Dustmallow Marsh - Just North. (or "behind") Brackenwall Village
  • A - Feralas - Northern Shoreline. of Feathermoon keep, just west of the pier
  • H - Feralas - The Western Road. out of Camp Mojache
  • H - Mulgore - Near the fork in the road outside Bloodhoof Village
  • A - Silithus - East of Cenarion Hold, on the north side of the road
  • H - Silithus - West of Cenarion Hold.
  • H - Stonetalon Mountains - East of Sun Rock Retreat (near the main road)
  • H - The Barrens - Near Crossroads.
  • H - Thousand Needles - Southwestern Corner of Freewind Post, on the Canyon Floor, or if you prefer, the "ramp entrance" to Freewind Post.
  • A - Tanaris - Right near the Alliance Flight Master, just south of Gadgetzan
  • H - Tanaris - Near the Horde Gadgetzan Flight Master
  • A - Teldrassil - South of the road leading West out of Dolanaar
  • A - Winterspring - North of the Everlook Alliance Flight Master
  • H - Winterspring - Just north of the Horde Everlook Flight Master

    Eastern Kingdoms

  • A - Arathi Highlands - Eastern Side of Refuge Point (bit vague on this one, memory is fuzzy)
  • H - Arathi Highlands - Just South of Hammerfall
  • H - Badlands - South of the Kargath Guard Tower
  • A - Blasted Lands - East out of Nethergarde Keep
  • A - Burning Steppes - North West outside of Morgan's Vigil, near the road leading to Redridge
  • H - Burning Steppes - Southwest of Flame Crest (Yes, apparently Flame Crest is a "town")
  • A - Duskwood - South of Darkshire, just near the outlying farmhouse, and the path leading to the cemetery.
  • A - Dun Morogh - Nothern Area of Kharanos
  • A - Elwynn Forest - Just north of Goldshire
  • H - Eversong Woods - Just east of the North Sanctum
  • H - Ghostlands - Off the road north outside Tranquillen
  • A - Hillsbrad Foothills - North of Southshore, on the western side of the road.
  • H - Hillsbrad Foothills - South-West outside of Tarren Mill
  • A - Hinterlands - Southern Area of Aerie Peak, basically due south of the well
  • H - Hinterlands - Outside of Revantusk Village
  • A - Loch Modan - North of Thelsamar, on the eastern side of the road
  • A - Redridge Mountains - On the Southern side of Lake Everstill, south of Lakeshire and West of the Lakeshire Flight Master
  • H - Swamp of Sorrows - Just North of Stonard
  • H - Silverpine Forest - East outside the Sepulcher.
  • A - Stranglethorn Vale - On the southeastern shoreline outside of booty bay, near the horde bonfire.
  • H - Stranglethorn Vale - On the southeastern shoreline outside Booty Bay, opposite the Alliance one.
  • H - Tirisfal Glades - West outside Brill.
  • A - Westfall - On the Fork of the Road at Sentinel Hill, about 10 yards from the Flight Master
  • A - Wetlands - North leading out of Menethil Harbour, next to the Road
  • A - Western Plaguelands - Situated alongside the road in far South WPL, just outside the small Alliance/Argent Dawn Encampment


  • A - Blade's Edge Mountain - Just East of Sylvanaar, close to the bridge
  • H - Blade's Edge Mountains - Just South and Slightly East out of Thunderlord Stronghold
  • A - Hellfire Peninsula - East of Honor Hold, situated fairly close to the outlying east tower
  • H - Hellfire Peninsula - South and East out of Thrallmar
  • A - Nagrand - Western side of the bridge leading west out of Telaar
  • H - Nagrand - Slightly West of Garadar
  • A - Netherstorm - Just north of Area 52
  • H - Netherstorm - Just South of Area 52
  • A - Shadowmoon Valley - Adjacent to the north entrance to Wildhammer Stronghold, nestled between the Hold and a small hut.
  • H - Shadowmoon Valley - Eastern Entrance out of Shadowmoon Village, across the small bridge
  • A - Terokkar Forest - Just Southwest of Allerian Stronghold
  • H - Terrokar Forest - North East entrance out of stonebreaker Hold
  • A - Zangarmarsh - South of Telredor, between the main path and the small pathway leading to the Telredor Lift.
  • H - Zangarmarsh - Zabrajin, towards the horde scout


    You'll notice a few NPCs in shat, org or uc, etc that give you a quest to direct you to the fire masters. Each of these 2 quests give 1 blossom. Once there you get a few more quests :

    Torch Tossing : 5
    Torch Catching : 5
    More Torch Tossing (daily) : 5
    More Torch Catching (daily) : 5
    Incense for the Festival Scorchlings : 1

    PS : Torch catching SUCKS BADLY!! Don't try to do this quest when it's crowded near the bonfire.

    Also a chain which sends you to the Zoram Strand in Ashenvale. Starting with :

  • Unusual Activity : 5
  • An Innocent Disguise : 5
  • Inform the Elder

    After this he'll give you two quests, Striking Back (Daily) which will be a different quest based on your level, and awards 10 blossoms. And Ahune the Frost Lord which will allow you to summon the boss on Slave Pens normal mode. (Heroic needs no quest)

    Lord Ahune will drop a Shard of Ahune when killed, the item is lootable by everyone in the party. The boss can be summoned once a day by each player, he only drops the quest item once a year though. As by default, you can only kill him once a day on heroic mode.

    Lord Ahune

    Lord Ahune can drop some ilvl 110 epic items. Mostly cloaks on normal, necklaces and cloaks on heroic. Deathfrost enchant drops both on normal and heroic, as does the pet.

    The boss is fairly straightforward, like most seasonal bosses. It's a two phase fight, and he will continue to switch between these two phases until death. Clear the mob packs as you enter, left and right of the cave passage, and the bogstroks near the water. Make sure you stay on the left as the boss does have some knockback attacks.

    Summon the boss by clicking the left pillar of ice and he will spawn on the right side a bit further into the cave. Phase one starts and the boss will summon a constant stream of mobs. Tank the large earth elemental and finish it off fast. Don't bother doing much DPS on the boss in this phase as he only receives about 25% of the normal value. Do not melee him, as he'll knock you back, and deal about 3-4K frost damage. The boss is immune to frost.

    After about a minute he'll "retreat" and his frozen core is revealed. You now have about 30 seconds to DPS him down. If you don't have full T6 and crazy DPS you will probably need to repeat this process once or twice.

    I'm not sure what blizzard's exact intention was with the fight, but we've had the boss bug out on us in two different ways: We killed him when he was in phase 1 again after submerging, and dropped no loot for us. When we started the fight again afterwards, he would submerge but not reveal his core, thus we could not DPS him in phase 2. Make sure you reset the instance after each kill, just so you're warned.

    Anonymous said...

    Had the same problem with No loot spawning if he is killed in phase one.

    Trollin' said...

    "If you don't have full T6 and crazy DPS you will probably need to repeat this process once or twice."

    Actually, lol, my party was in mostly full Tier 6 and we couldn't kill him during the first submerge even with Bloodlust.

    Also, it's worth mentioning that when he changes phases, he wipes debuffs from himself, so there's no point in debuffing him early so you can get more dps in.

    Autumnn said...

    The group I was in we had T4 with some T5. Heroic mode was our first try (yeah we like pain) and it took us 4 cycles to take him down. Then we went to normal and with a lvl 65 in our group it took us 2 cycles to take him down. Really fun fight once you get the hang of it. I got the enchant and hoping Hell freezes over and the pet will drop soon. /cackle

    bbr said...

    He certainly has a good lot more health on heroic.

    No luck with the pet yet here either, did get the enchant on my main though :>

    Best we got him down to was 3% after the first submerge, which is also how we found out about the bug, since we killed him shortly after..... sigh.
    Would be nice if blizzard properly tested their encounters once.

    Anonymous said...

    I notice that you said you had a lot of trouble on the Torch Catching daily, so I thought I might drop a few hints that I found made this daily extremely easy:

    1) Choose a well lit area, preferably your faction's town that's usually unpopulated where not a lot of people hang out. My suggestion to my fellow hordies is Thunderbluff during the day. Theres no one there, and it's extremely bright for the daylight hours.

    2) And this is the big one: Don't watch the torch in the air, watch the shadow on the ground. The torch casts a shadow on the ground that is much easier to follow than the torch itself.

    3) Stand ahead of the where the shadow is going to land, not on the shadow itself.

    4) Don't get frustrated with the quest, if you can't get it don't worry about it and just move on with collecting the blossoms from the bonfires around Azeroth.

    Anonymous said...

    In tirisfal glades I can't see any npc's or find the bonfire and have used the co-ords and map. Anyone else find the same problem? Where am I going wrong?

    bbr said...

    You should keep an eye out on the minimap. look for the yellow "!".
    It is certainly possible stuff got moved around a bit, did you try asking in /1 in that zone?

    I know some of the bonfires in capital cities did get moved around, e.g. org and stormwind. Not sure about tirisfal, but doubt it got removed entirely.

    Unknown said...

    this was fun.
    not only do you make like 800g at level 80 but its an interesting opportunity for pvp for those of us who are primarily about raiding.

    i soloed the sealing flames of the alliance cities quests as a 80 blood elf paladin. and for the most part it consisted of running in full speed, dying as close to the flame as possible, corpse run, bubble, grab flame, die again and res at the spirit healer. that is 800g minus the 140g repairs.

    Tauraun said...

    If you are having problems in TRisifal Glades, make sure you have dumped or completed the Royal Coup quest chain. Same goes with Org. Phased capital cities as part of the Wrath Gate quests. Happened to me :( Son;t know if the horde have a similar quest that phases SW or something....

    bbr said...

    True, there is the wrath gate quest that phases both org and UC. Not sure if the same quest phases the alliance city for the horde and vice versa.