Thursday, June 19, 2008

June 19, 2008
The first couple of lvl 71-75 items are available for sight seeing in the WotLK alpha. Some have found their way to the forums.

Let's assume for a moment that WotLK itemisation increases at the same rate as TBC items. If the "Drakonid Arm Blade" is an entry level blue, then we'd be able to make a few interesting predictions out of this. Keep in mind I'm just making a speculation here, the actual items may be a lot better or worse once the beta is released. Just take it with a grain of salt for now.

Comparison Values

  • Lvl 61 TBC Blue : Fist of Reckoning (ilvl 88) 54.1 DPS
  • Lvl 70 TBC Blue : Latro's Dancing Blade (ilvl 115) 71.7 DPS
  • Lvl 70 TBC Epic : Vindicator's Brand (ilvl 100) 81.2 DPS
  • Lvl 70 TBC Epic : Spiteblade (ilvl 115) 87.6 DPS
  • Lvl 70 TBC Epic : Crux of the Apocalypse (ilvl 164) 114.2 DPS

    If you compare the previous items, you'll see that we went from 54.1 to 71.7 DPS for standard grade blues, a difference of 17.6 DPS. If you then were to take this item (Drakonid Arm Blade) and were to add 17.6 DPS to that you'd come to a value of 119,5 DPS for level 80 blues. That is, assuming weapon scaling will work the same way in WotLK as it did in TBC.

    Currently the highest ilvl epics in game provide 114.2 DPS. If you compare that to the entry level epics from karazhan, you'll notice a difference of : 114.2 - 87.6 = 26,6 DPS between the highest and lower end epic weapons from raiding.

    The DPS difference from entry level blues to epics currently is : 87.6 - 71.7 = 15,9 DPS

    Prediction Values

    Based on the above numbers, one would expect the following level 80 item values :

  • Lvl 71 Low level WotLK blue : 101.9 DPS
  • Lvl 80 Entry level blues : 101.9 + 17.6 = 119,5 DPS
  • Lvl 80 World drop / vendor epics : 119,5 + 9,5 = 129 DPS
  • Lvl 80 Naxxramas / entry level raid epics : 129 + 6.4 = 119.5 + 15.9 = 135,4 DPS
  • Lvl 80 Endgame epics : 135,4 + 26,6 = 162 DPS

    That's just for 1-handed melee DPS weapons though. 2-handers shouldn't be too hard to figure out if you consider 70.3 as a starting point. Armor would be a different matter entirely.

    Still, it's fun to speculate. What do you think?

    Small update

  • Lvl 60 TBC Blue Footman's Longsword (ilvl 85) 52.9 DPS
  • Lvl 61 TBC Blue Fist of Reckoning (ilvl 88) 54.1 DPS

    A difference of 1.2 DPS and 3 ilvl.

  • Lvl 70 Low level WotLK blue : 99.6 DPS
  • Lvl 71 Low level WotLK blue : 101.9 DPS

    A difference of 2.3 DPS. ilvl unknown.

    It would appear that we may end up with a good bit more DPS than 162 per hand. Nothing is for certain yet though.

    Exanimo said...

    I think i can at least use my current epic gear till level 75-76... and it won't be till quite a bit later that i've replaced most of it.
    Kind of nice to know everything i'm doing now aint for nothing when dinging 71.

    Anonymous said...

    Interesting calculations, but likely the DPS will not scale in the same speed as in TBC. It will most likely scale faster.

    Vanilla WoW to TBC made the item level difference per required level rise from 1 to 3. I think that it's likely that it will increase to 5 or 6 this time.

    If the difference stayed at 3, your calculation would be perfectly correct, but I find that unlikely.