Monday, June 02, 2008

June 02, 2008
As expected Wikidot has gotten quite popular in the last week and is pulling in more and more visitors wanting to learn about the expansion. Be sure to check out their image section. Most of the alpha data is known by now, but once an update is released you'll undoubtedly find out here.

Also for your viewing pleasure, from :

Tier armor

Looking back at the earlier post about tier 7, there seems to be a surplus of plate/leather type models. Meaning some of the models could be related a fourth dungeon set rather than Tier 7.

DK only runesword

Deathcharger mount

These are summoned by a spell available only to deathknights. At level 60 you can do a quest to obtain the epic version.


It seems there was an electrical fire in the Houston data center. This affects all servers related to ThePlanet, Entrecard, the histats counter and more. In total about 3000 servers are unavailable for the duration, but most servers should be brought back online today.

See the details here.