Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June 25, 2008
It's high time we produce an update for the gold making posts, the ones currently up there are already a few months old and the game does not stand still.

For reference : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

The latest Midsummer festival has proven a good source of income during the weekend, but seriously, flying around for 4 hours and only having 600g to show for it "is" sort of weak.

Since the thread on the EJ Forums has gotten locked by a bored moderator, we'll have to come up with a new way to discuss options to enrich oneself. Any suggestions on innovative, quick and easy (or even complex) ways to make gold are welcome.


Blizzard seems to enjoy mind fucking teasing it's fanbase, and is currently doing so in the form of a wall of ice on their Website. The wall image is replaced every day to reveal a little bit more. Supposedly it'll show the full image on saturday when WWI starts. Maybe the WotLK release date, maybe Diablo 3, maybe something else entirely! We'll find out when the time is right i guess.

You can see all the images and speculation in this Gigantic thread on MMOC.

They added references to diablo, wotlk, and starcraft 2. What new things will be revealed tomorrow morning? We shall see.


Meanwhile we've killed illidan 3x now, sadly the 100% glaive droprate didn't hold true a third time. So we're on 66% now. Hopefully we can get it to 75% this week instead of 50%.


I'm helping This comic improve the translation of the wording somewhat. It's interesting, if you like blood and gore that is. Mind that the translation improvements might not be up and running yet, but you'll understand when you see it.

Blog Visitors

According to histats we just reached another milestone. 100K Visitors, and 200K Page views since starting. /cheer onward to the next milestone.

PS: Today's blog post may contain some spelling errors, google's spellchecker is acting wonky tonight.


Trollin' said...

Our guild hates you. =P We've been farming Illy for a month or so, no glaives.

Gratz on yours! =P