Sunday, June 01, 2008

June 01, 2008
It's a new month, which means the Consortium is giving out gems again! Another advantage of having 5 characters above lvl 65.

The guild has got Illidan to 23%, but sadly with vacation periods starting here 'n there it's been difficult to get 4x25 raids the last few weeks. Progress is slower than we'd like. Phase 2 is mostly going fine, the main issue is ensuring people spread out enough in the next phase.

I've also been slowly working on that druid I mentioned earlier, currently at lvl 31. An extra character above 65 will ensure the Consortium give me even more free gems ;) But mainly it should give me more options regarding professions. I still intend to make a leatherworker sometime.


As it appears most of you don't mind or even enjoy the polls, these shall continue!
  • Yeah! - 62 (60%)
  • Whatever... - 30 (29%)
  • No - 11 (10%)

    The new question shall be. (Insert drumroll here) When do you think WotLK will be released?