Friday, June 20, 2008

June 20, 2008
I did a little update to yesterday's post, check it out.

Blizzard Legal

Blizzard's legal department is not afraid of wiggling it's finger in your direction. As such found out last night. You can read the following statement on their website :

19 Jun 2008, 15:38 GMT+02

Well, this morning all Admins received a PM from the Wikidot admin telling us that they had an email from an intellectual properties firm to take action if some rules were not followed. The email stated several things on what we did wrong.

1. Our wiki was called "Official WotLK Alpha Wiki" which is not allowed since we aren't endorsed by Blizzard.

2. We didn't have copyright and trademarks on all the Blizzard stuff, so we had to add a copyright line to the main pages.

3. We had to remove all "over-the-line" content, including the leaked alpha screenshots/data we published earlier today/yesterday.

So, we would like to keep the wiki online, and that's why we removed/changed some content.

Thanks for you continuous support to he wiki, and we will remain online as long as we follow these rules

A shame really, they did have a nice collection of images. I'd guess that mainly the "official wotlk alpha wiki" text was what set blizzard off. Never call yourself official if you aren't. And obviously always add a copyright notice (As most wow blogs will also be wise to do).

Lucky for you however, there's a few alternatives!

  •, quite a good and popular site.
  • wrath.wikidot, fairly bare bones currently, but they got some good links. Also their classes don't work...
  • wowexplored, has some nice pictures you probably haven't seen before.
  • Sp00nCraft, gives regular updates of the alpha and current patches.
  • Se7en Samurai, shows numerous videos of the alpha content.
  • Neogaf forums, still has a nice thread with regular updates.


    I asked last month, are you Going to make a Death Knight? Well, it seems most people are. Not surprising really. I'll be making one myself as well.

  • Hells YEAH !! - 125 (48%)
  • I might try it. - 89 (34%)
  • Probably not. - 22 (8%)
  • No effin way! - 14 (5%)
  • Still unsure. - 10 (3%)

    As i close one poll, i'll have to add a new one (agree?). I hereby declare that the next poll shall be: What part of WotLK are you most looking forward to? I'm also adding an "other" option, kindly leave a comment if you select this choice. The poll will be multiple choice this time.


    I'm sure some people are far from interested in the ad system, but it's irking me with confusion really. As I've said a few times in the past, adsense was starting to annoy me, so I ditched it for the time being. A wise decision so far as PW's value is quite acceptable at the moment.

    What gets me wondering however, is how on earth it's possible that people are willing to pay 0.07$-0.20$ a day for a wide banner at the bottom of this page, and even 0.01-0.02$ for a "tiny" buttom next to that banner, 0.04-0.06$ for a 125x125 box on the side (which is a fairly good spot), but only 0.03$ for the "very visible" big button at the topright. Seriously, it's weird, but who am I to judge human behaviour that differs from my own. *cough*.

    At any rate, I guess there just aren't that many people with odd sized adverts available. I may try and setup a 2x125x125 box in the top right spot for a while and see whether that would make any difference in peformance. I'm curious, and like to experiment as you may have guessed. As such I will.

    Because I can.

    Also, there's a topic on Blog Azeroth about using adverts which some WoW blog owners may be interested in looking at sometime. You'll need to register on their forum to see it though.

    Currently we're pulling around 0.24$ per day on PW. Interestingly websiteoutlook has quoted us at 20.86$ a day for advertisement, and 15227.80$ Net value. Say WHAT? Quite inaccurate undoubtedly. Obviously I'd love to hear who they think would pay as much as 10-20$ a day for adverts on any kind of wow blog. I highly doubt even BRK pulls that sort of revenue from their gold guide adverts, and they got a good bit more readers than this blog has at the moment. /snif

    Coming soon(tm)

    The "professions for raiders" post is about half way finished. Stay tuned! It will be posted soon, maybe, almost, quite likely, within the next week, this month, this year. Well, soon at any rate. As I said it's almost finished. No, I said it was halfway finished.

    Just add the RSS feed to your bookmarks, you'll be the first to see when it's here.
    Which is soon, obviously.

    Anonymous said...

    Just wanted to start with one little thing, awsume blog Zurgat! Found it a few days ago and since that day I check it every few hours. But about the poll, I didn't check Arthas since I think its a bit to soon to be able to kill him, but thats just me. Besides that I realy look forward to the new dungeons and talents, spells and such.
    Greetings George

    Anonymous said...

    I chose "other" in the poll. Quests! I have two mains - a group healer, and a solo hunter. And my hunter is gathering dust as she just doesn't have much to do.

    I love following the quests lines, solving new problems, figuring out that hard pull on the adds - I can't wait for a whole new environment to be doing this in.

    Kulat of Bladefist

    Skolor said...

    Saw your post over at PWTalk. Felt I'd come give my input on the situation here too.

    Its got a lot to do with the type of banner. Some (like the rectangle one) are really under-represented by advertisers. That means that even if the individual advertisers are willing to pay more, they're not goign to get the competition to drive the price up that much.

    I'm currently doing some research into this, if you want, head over to and see what I've done so far.

    Birdie! said...

    OHHHH OKAY. I checked your blog - interesting about the odd size advertisement. LOL@the WoW blog (in a nice way, not a rude way).