Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 29, 2008
As you may have noticed, we've got a nice big list of wow comics up for your amusement. The list will expand when I find (or am given) new links. A few recent additions to this list are Cru the Dwarf(Mature content warning) and Noobz. Be sure to check those out if you haven't already.

Chidori of the Flaming Ruby is also back in action. They're now up and running on their very own website.


* Blanc
* Cascade Faillure
* Chidori of the Flaming Ruby
* Comic Azeroth
* Cru the Dwarf (Mature Warning)
* The Blade order
* Dark Legacy
* Dragontouched
* gg molecule
* Hammer of Grammar
* Looking for Group
* Noobz
* Shakes and Fidget
* Sunforge
* Teh Gladiators
* The Noob, a mix of wow, everquest, and other MMOGs.
* World of Zach
* The wow.com Community comics


RRVS guarantees you'll be spending a lot of time reading the above comics. I take no responsibility toward any results thereafter such as wasting time at work, neglecting your wife and family, or strange laughing fits which cause the people around you to look over. Make sure you spend some time in the sun, continue to use the toilet at regular times, eat when it's time to do so and sleep when it's suddenly pretty damn dark outside.


TeePee said...

nice list :)

http://www.scout-report.net/ - another fave of mine

Anonymous said...

Don't forget my favourite!


I love that stupid dwarf :p

bbr said...

True indeed, added both.

Unknown said...

I approve of the half naked elf thumbnail.

Anonymous said...

lol @ your disclaimer! thanks for the links, they make work go by faster. ;)

Anonymous said...

For some reason i can't get the link to Hammer of Grammar to work :( and your's isnt the first site to give me problems w/ it. The link goes to some random search page that has nothing to do w/ WoW. I want to read this comic, but :(

bbr said...

The comic seems to have stopped updating a long time ago, the site probably got cancelled.

I had already removed the link from the sidebar.

Anonymous said...

Ding! is definitely one to add to the list

Wyck said...

Found one you might like :)