Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28, 2008
It's going to be a short post today, but none the less interesting.

Firstly, on the right side here, you can see the collector's edition pet. Much like last year. But a lot cooler!

Then, there's a few new videos :
* Deathknight gameplay video.
* Deathknight talents video. It'll be really hard to read sadly.
But, you can also find the deathknight talents (blood, frost unholy) here, here and here on flickr.

Tier 7

Tier 7 pictures! Four of these were not in the video posted earlier this week.
Source : Aszune forums, google, neogaf.


Warrior / Deathknight







Warrior, Unknown, Druid, Paladin.
You can see there's another 2 sets previously unseen. Whether these are Tier 7, or dungeon sets is unknown, and subject to change. Perhaps set 1 is for deathknights and set 2 for warriors. Time will tell.


Not sure where this one is from, but it suggests that dear lady sylvanas in Undercity is going to receive a much needed personal model.


Anonymous said...

As a mage, I feel a little cheated, lol. Everyone gets that awesome, huge armor, even priests!! Then again, I've always been envious of their wings. :D Thanks for the great images. I am definitely going to have to get the collectors edition, I must have that pet!!

Anonymous said...

That 'Paladin' armor can't be the right one, as it's listed as (and looks like) cloth.
The correct armor, for Prot and Ret anyways, would be that of the Warrior / Death Knight.

Oh and I have to agree with mae, the Mage one can use a bit more 'awesomeness' :p

bbr said...

The paladin armor kind of has the idea of Judgement. So it's perfectly possible in theory.

Anonymous said...

That picture of Lady Sylvanas is photoshopped, it's been on the internet for a long time. I don't expect Warcraft to update their models that much, they make tweaks here and there, but that Sylvanas pic would be a total graphical overhaul for them

Anonymous said...

There is an updated Sylvanas model and she looks like this:

bbr said...

Interesting armor. I wonder what class will see that added to them, or whether it's unique.

Anonymous said...

If you're talking about Sylvanas' new armor it can be found on the Dark Rangers as well.

Anonymous said...

the locks look like a shadowy druid or something lol. Not a big fan of it but maybe when I see it on my lock I'll have a change of heart :P

Anonymous said...

fake, T7 is going to be T3 models recolored, wise ass

bbr said...

You ""do"" realize you're responding to a post from "may", right? It's probably going to end up as Tier 8, but the models are certainly in game. And the DK set is a blue starter set.

Anonymous said...

as a rogue and warrior it's pretty cool, where is the shammy? I WANT SHAMMY!(one of my alts my alt)

Anonymous said...

anyone actually found the link between T3 and T7 ... It could be Naxx *doh*