Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 16, 2008
2.4.3 is up and running now. Patch mirrors on wowwiki. Patch mirrors on wirebrain. 2.4.3 - Highlights
  • Mounts at lvl 30 instead of lvl 40
  • Cheat Death nerfed.
  • Sinister Calling nerfed.
  • Warlocks buffed.
  • A small nerf to hunters regarding hunter's mark and invisible players.
  • Green gems drop from mining nodes again. Rejoice alchemists!
  • Some fixes to Sunwell, as expected.
  • A stopwatch has been added to the default interface. You can throw TimerFu away I guess. See the full list here Several new bugs have already been reported on the wow-eu forums regarding this patch... Don't bother using invisibility potions for a while. SezWho Entrecard has partnered with Sezwho. The partnering should increase the number of comments that articles on your blog would receive. I'm sceptical, but I guess it will need to be tested at some point in the near future. Stay tuned for the sudden appearance of a comment "rating" plugin coming up.