Saturday, July 26, 2008

July 26, 2008
I've been looking around for a bit and eventually found a nice little CSS script which would allow the blog to finally implement a menu bar. I've just implemented a demonstration object in one of my smaller side projects that you can look at here to give you an idea. (Yes, I've been working on two blogs at the same time.)

I could put the "entire" blogroll into a submenu this way, or just the ones who give me a nice back rub. (jk) Anyhow, I'll work on the design for a bit and come up with something. Meanwhile you can request of make suggestions if needed.

Mainly I'd like to ditch the labels widget (does anyone use that?) and clean up the highlights in the topright. I can also use labels more freely instead of trying to keep them to a minimum number of categories without the widget growing out of control.

You can see the design so far up top under the banner.
I think it's pretty sweet so far, and I can even add icons 'n stuff.

Thoughts or suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Ever have your back rubbed by a hairy dwarf? Don't worry, my beard tickles but only just a little.

bbr said...

Hell no, you're free to send over one of the girls though ;)