Monday, July 28, 2008

July 28, 2008
So, the poll question was : Will you play Diablo 3?
  • Absolutely ! - 147 (63%)
  • No, I prefer WoW. - 46 (20%)
  • I might.... - 37 (16%) I suppose I should have also asked "Will you play D3 at the same time as WoW?" Either way, it does appear at least 60% of us are at least going to try out Diablo 3. I suspect WoW will be a very silent place when Diablo is released. Will blizzard be shooting themselves in their virtual feet? Will many be playing Starcraft 2? It is too early to tell for sure, but I suspect D3 will be able to do what Age of Conan could not. If not outright kill a dozen raiding guilds, then at least make it very difficult for them to spend any time in the endgame raids. Recruitment will be a long slow summer for a lot of us. Unless you're playing Diablo 3 that is ;) Another poll then, "Are you in the WotLK beta?" I think this is an interesting question, considdering how ebay has been against virtual item sales at some point. Yet the key is indeed virtual and bids are up as high as 152 Euros!! That's pretty sad guys, seriously. Outbrain Should we add Outbrain star ratings to this blog? See their blog for a demo. Basically we'd have 1-5 star rating options here with which you can vote for each individual post. The highest rated posts would be shown in a widget in the sidebar. Hit your answer on the poll on the right. Rumors Oh, and hey look at that. The rumor was indeed true.