Friday, July 04, 2008

July 04, 2008
I'm sure you've seen it on the blue forums, but the WotLK beta opt-in is now available. US : Beta Opt-in EU : Beta Opt-in What this means, is that you can make yourself "available" to be chosen as a beta testing candidate. It's not the actual beta yet, you can't download anything yet, and blizzard hasn't released the actual date of the test yet. But at least you can tell them you're interested. Which is,,, at least better than nothing, right? A note of warning however, in case you've gotten any kind of email like this guy has. Keep in mind that blizzard will never ask for your password via email. Also, make sure the URL you are visiting is an actual blizzard site. is obviously "not" a blizzard site, and just some dick trying to scam you our of your account. You've been warned. Some Brainstorming Project librarian is pretty much a pre pre pre alpha design (or just brainstorming really) for a web linking community site. URL and bookmark management. Plans for a firefox plugin, and the option to keep track of your bookmarks with screenshots, ratings, clicks in and out, sorting, fully customizeable interface and themes, forums and more. A lot of ideas, but there's neither money or enough detailed ideas to make it a reality. Perhaps in time. Someday. Why? There's a number of bookmarking sites out there, but none that really "work" the way I'd like them to. For now it's just a little something I'm working on at random intervals. You can't see it yet, as it's been set to private /tongue, however if you're an experienced thinker, got some website, forum or database design knowledge, or are just "really really" curious what's being planned. Just drop me a line if you're interested in sharing your thoughts.