Monday, July 21, 2008

July 21, 2008
Loot! and Professions, yay! But, more about the loot at a later time. I'd like to get my hands on some of the internal itemlevels. First, the suspect "Tiet 7" DK / Warrior gear that was mentioned earlier, turned out to be Deathknight quest reward gear. Also, a couple of "profession specific" items. Such as bind on pickup crafted gear or enchants. Sadly there still isn't much info about inscription "/shakes fist at Blizzard", other than the fact that you can make scrolls. Like we couldn't guess that. Blacksmithing still doesn't look too interesting yet either. And, a quick look at Alchemy shows us that we'll be seeing "Eternal Life", eternal shadow, eternal air, fire, etc. Also Eternal Might to take the place of the currently known Primal Might.
  • Healing potions will heal for 2700-4500
  • Mana potions will give 3240-5400 mana Leatherworking also seems to be much like found earlier in the alpha. And, on a side note Achievements are sort of silly in some parts, but pretty cool in some others. I wonder what the points will be useable for? Enchanting 3 Tiers of Bind on Pickup Wands. Tier 1 creates a 224.6 DPS Wand for 25 void crystals. Tier 1 + another 25 crystals upgrades it to 247.1 DPS The upgraded wand + another 25 crystals makes for a total of 75 void crystals and a 282.8 DPS wand. The wand has either +19 crit +30 spell power, or 30 spell power +15 stam +11 int depending whether you wish to make the Red Death, or Lightstave. Comparing them to a high level wand from sunwell makes them seem somewhat average though. You've already seen most of the enchanting recipes from an earlier post about the alpha. Not much is different, but you can check them out on MMOC again if you feel that makes them more official. Skinning & Mining Interesting :
  • Skinning all those dead animals has broadened your anatomical knowledge, increasing your critical strike rating by 25.
  • All your hard work spent mining has made you exceptionally tough, increasing your Stamina by 35. +25 stats basically, with no extra work at it. Could make those professions more useful, but still not quite competitive to the others. I'd still take +2x20 Haste on my rings from enchanting any day over 25 crit rating. Maybe herbalism will give +25 spirit? Jewelcrafting More interesting, are obviously the gems for "everyone". Stats shouldn't be too much of a surprise, however there will be gems with haste and expertise rating. Which is something we didn't have in TBC as melee players. Green level gems seem to have +12 stats. (Str, Agi, etc etc) Blue level gems +16 stats. Epic gems other than the BoP ones haven't made their way to the news yet, but I suspect they'll be +20 stats when they are made available. Nobody cares about the white gems, because you should be buying greens off the AH for 1-2g instead of buying inferior junk from a vendor for 8g anyway. The two BoP gems so far are the Solid Dragon's Eye which gives +45 Stamina, and the Bright Dragon's Eye which gives +50 attack power. Before you run out and spec jewelcrafting, keep in mind that these two gems might very well be quest rewards. The interesting part is that these are prismatic gems however, so you wouldn't need to use blue gems if you don't want to. Potentially saving an extra 10 stats as a rogue. Also, the X times +5 stats one of those gems would give, doesn't beat the +20 stats that a blacksmith could socket into his weapon, or the +24 (or more) that an enchanter could put onto his rings. Not to mention the huge group (raid?) buff that a leatherworker could give with his drums. Though, with the Tinnitus debuff being added LW will be quite substantially nerfed.