Thursday, July 03, 2008

July 03, 2008
As the site's name implies these are random ravings, so there might be 5 updates in a week, or 3 in 2 weeks. It's pretty random, which is why I recommend you tag the RSS button.

It's linking time!

It's been a while again since we've done some public link love, so... you guessed it, here's some links to keep you occupied. Quite a lot, so I hope you still have room on your bookmark bar.

In case you're wondering why blogs crosslink to other sites, well, it helps expand the network. Which in turn gets some return cross links and more visitors, which makes all of the related sites grow and allow visitors to discover new and interesting sites. So it's all good you see? If you want me to look at your site, or have a recommendation feel free to leave a message.

  • WWI visitors got a code for a newly / soon to be added Tyrael minipet that's pretty funny. I wonder if it interacts with the diablo minipet.
  • is still giving regular info about WotLK. Lots of snazzy pictures.
  • WotLK Wiki is back (but you already knew this) and updating again. Updates seem slow however.

    Those were the regular sites, but, how about some "new" ones? Well we do have some indeed, check out the following :

  • as the name implies helps you set up ingame macros.
  • paperkraft It's insane how much you can make with a large supply of paper.
  • Feh the naked druid. Much like gutrot. Could be interesting.

    And, some of my EntreCard droppers :

  • a stab in the dark, the trials and tribulations of a humble rogue in WoW.
  • tap tap pew pew, a warlock blog. Proud to be over powered.
  • Melted faces, your face will be melted. Tread with care.
  • Unbearably HoT, bear ass and epic wood. Suggestive pun intended.
  • Musings of an angry ban sidhe, banners and avatars for WoW. Be a sport and check it out.
  • Hulan the holy, they're not real, but definitely squishy.
  • Altitis, you made two alts, I make seven. Some people make fifty and call it altitis.
  • Will tank for healz, I sure hope tanks get healing. Tanking tips and theorycraft here.

    You're a blogger too and looking for some loving?

  • Warcraft Bloggers, the name speaks for itself.
  • Blog Azeroth, a slowly growing community of warcraft bloggers.
  • Project Wonderful, are you are looking to use ads on your blog? Try this one instead of adsense for a while. You might like it. No goldsellers here yet.
  • EntreCard, free advertising community. If you have a wow blog, I recommend having a look sometime.

    Comica maximus

  • Three panel soul, Ian and Jes are getting married! Grats guys.
  • Cru the dwarf, wow comic featuring plenty of drawn nudi,, err, elves n such. You know you want to look, go check.
  • Wafarer's moon, magic and adventure in high res color.
  • Side Chicks, not quite side kick.
  • Comic strip club, read it read it read it read it. Did I say go read it yet?
  • Sorcery 101, magic, werewolves and more. Regular updates.
  • Li'l Nyet the red menace. In soviet russia cat owns you.
  • Scratchin' post, by the same author as Li'l nyet.
  • Fox Tails, magic kitsune. It's cute.
  • The secret lifes of mobs, warhammer comic. Quite enjoyable.

    Fun and Games

  • Armor Games, flash games. Check out gemcraft it's pretty cool.
  • Whirled, more flash games, but in a different way. Register an account to keep track of your trophies. Be sure to check out Magic pen and >Brawler.
  • Cortex Command, it's like Worms, just way more awesome. Sadly it's still beta.
  • Tetris, woohoo!


    We asked when you guys think WotLK will be released.

  • Q4 2008 - 95 (39%)
  • When it's done(tm) - 58 (24%)
  • Q1 2009 - 54 (22%)
  • Q2 2009 - 18 (7%)
  • Q3 2008 - 14 (5%)

    And, as it turns out Q4, or quite simply "when it's done" seems to be the most common expectation still. I'm not putting up a new poll in it's place this time, as there's still two active. Be sure to add your opinion.

    Anonymous said...

    they're not real, but definitely squishy.

    Hehe, I'm tempted to change my tagline!

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the link, yo.

    Anonymous said... is awesome and I bookmarked them! Thanks for the tip; I'll have to explore the site later since I'm a macro neophyte.

    Anonymous said...

    I approve of all Cru the Dwarf material.