Friday, July 25, 2008

July 25, 2008
If you haven't recently visited Petopia or Mania's arcadia, shame on you then! Because there's some very interesting WotLK pet info currently there. I could make this a huge post today with a LOT of information, but mania generally does this better than me. These are the pages you should be looking at: pet talents, pet skills and the new pet Models. Also as of today a WotLK talents FAQ and WotLK pets and families FAQ. I had to share these links today, because wowhead has a functional pet talent calculator up and running. Go play around with it, it's pretty awesome. Don't miss out their pet comparison page either. Vimeo Videos, no more This has been posted in a few places now but some might not be aware of it yet. Vimeo staff has declared that as of recently they will no longer accept gaming videos, and as of September the 1st they will delete all existing gaming videos. (Including WotLK alpha and beta vids) That's pretty lame. ps: That cat image has been my forum avatar for a while now. =^_^= Found it on You too can join the cat avatar forum invasion today! ps2: Aikida is back, whoa!