Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 31, 2008
Blizzard is in your forum, answering your posts. It seems the achievements currently in beta are still having some wrinkles that need ironing out. Here's a snippet from the topic on the EJ forums. Makes you wonder what other forums they are monitoring, perhaps your guild's too eh? Dashiva came to the realization that certain achievements are proving to be impossible.
  • Anyone tried to get 65 quests completed in Zangarmarsh? I'm stuck at 63 and i've been searching for hours using quest mods, forums, quest listings and what not.. and I mean hours. Shakes wrote:
  • I believe they said they haven't tuned the numbers on the zone quest achievements yet, so they may not be possible right now. Tigole answered (Blizzard rep):
  • These are in a weird state of flux right now. We're still tuning them. There was also a bug that was causing transferred characters to get more quest credit than they should based on quests that shared certain flags. We also need to weed all Daily/Raid/Buried Rep quests. By buried rep quests, I mean things like the Netherwing 1-shots. We're ok with quests buried behind "mainline" reps like Thrallmar/Honor Hold. But not stuff like Ogri'la/Skettis/Netherwing. This wasn't posted on MMOC or WoR yet, so there you go. There have been more responses from blizzard regarding achievements though, you can find them here. Crushing blows You may have heard about it already in passing, but indeed Crushing blows are being removed from raids. Though not entirely removed according to Ghostcrawler. Instead of applying to mobs 3 levels above you, the mechanic will apply to mobs 4 levels above you. This is great news for druid tanks who previously had no real way to avoid crushing blows. Combat Ratings Combat ratings at level 80, brought to you by none other than the author of RatingBuster! Looks like you'll need a bit more than double the current ratings to get the same percentages. Hit rating for example : Lvl 60 (10), Lvl 70 (15.76923275), Lvl 80 (32.78998947). Some misc stuff has some images of the new glowing blue eyes for deathknights. As well as some other upcoming changes. There's also some more scenic screenshots for the image hungry among you here, they're on page 45. The servants of xyz in blasted lands are apparently no longer able to be used for weapon training. And finally a very cool post showing in detail the deathknight's dungeon gear at spooncraft. Outbrain For those among you wondering WTF outbrain is, check out this post before voting on the poll on the right. It is a post rating system, of which you can find an example here. Linkage
  • Gnomeageddon, a Gnome Mage with big balls of fire. This gnome has been commenting on the blog pretty regularly, so I felt his blog deserves some lovin'. Have a look.
  • Fulltime wow addict hasn't been linked in a while, and is writing interesting bits about the beta, worth a look.
  • QQ PewPew is affected by the slowdown in summer raids mentioned earlier. Sadly this proved too much for another guild.
  • Kaliope's crafting blog is currently asking for info regarding WotLK. Perhaps you can send some their way.
  • Progressive WoW has also been sending some new visitors over on a regular basis, and could use some hits as well. Be warned for the big wall of text though. Also check out: Liming in WoW, Nuciek's nook, The good, bad and downright evil, Pugnacious priest and Se7en Samurai if you still have time to kill after reading all the others! For those interested, there's also a constant stream of new WoW blogs being added on the Blog Azeroth forums, as well as the Twisted Nether wiki.

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