Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 23, 2008
With the implementation of achievements you'll notice one of the achievements requests you to collect over 75 vanity pets. That's pretty crazy obviously and few other than the totally insane would start such a quest simply for lack of inventory and bank space. However, blizzard has announced that vanity pets and normal mounts will no longer be stored in your inventory as a normal item. Instead, such items will become bound to your character as a sort of spell that you can learn. If you hop over to the Warcraft Pets site, you'll find a nice list of 94 different pets at the time of writing this. More are for sure to be added with the release of WotLK. For myself this change would only save me about 4 extra bank slots and two inventory slots, but all the little bits count! Especially the druid class will enjoy the extra space in their already overly cramped storage. Also, you might be interested in knowing that there might be a token frame (like a key ring), and a quest bag coming up to further remove your bag space limitations. (That's just a rumor for now though.) Blizzard Quote
  • We’re pleased to announce a convenient upgrade to the way that mounts and vanity pets are handled in Wrath of the Lich King. Players will be able to “learn” a mount or non-combat pet much like learning a spell, recipe, or new ability, and these creatures will then show up on a new Pet tab within the Character Info section of the interface. Players will be able to access and preview their learned mounts and vanity pets through this tab. Once learned, the pet icon or mount icon will no longer appear in bag spaces or bank spaces. This inventory space will be made available once again for other adventuring needs. Pets can still be set to hotkeys by dragging them to the hotkey bar, much like any other spell or ability. Poll ends Another poll has ended and so I present you the results. This one was a multiple choice. What part of WotLK are you looking most forward to?
  • New Talents - 134 (46%)
  • New Spells + Abilities - 124 (43%)
  • Death Knights - 100 (34%)
  • New Dungeons - 95 (32%)
  • Arthas - 51 (17%)
  • Hairstyles - 49 (17%)
  • More Item and armor choices - 47 (16%)
  • New battleground - 45 (15%)
  • Skeletal flying mount - 40 (13%)
  • New mobs - 30 (10%)
  • Showing off T1-6 to new players - 28 (9%)
  • New Arena Season - 17 (5%)
  • Other - 26 (9%) Talents, spells and abilities, the new deathknight class and dungeons. Arthas takes a lowly 5th place for most people. I'm curious what those 26 votes of "other" entitle though. The achievement system or inscription perhaps? Be sure to vote on the poll about achievements which was started a few days ago. ps: I just added four links to WoW related comics, check them out on the right side.

    Anonymous said...

    So I can lern2tiger or lern2horse? Yeah, makes about as much sense as anything else does to me.

    bbr said...

    Or rams, kodos, striders, etc.
    You'll still get the items i guess, but clicking the item will teach you the spell and gets consumed instead of sticking around in your backpack.

    You'll even be able to summon dem cute wittle bunny wabbits indefinitely. And cook them, of course.

    Anonymous said...

    Wish I'd known this yesterday, before I did a brutal bank clear out.

    Slow brown horse, green parrot, how we shall miss thee!