Cosplay WoW

Cosplay, whats that? Wikipedia, short for "costume play".
You know, people dress up like some anime, manga or video characters they like, and hang out at a Con, buy loads of junk and generally show off how cool they are.

Much like blizzard had a costume contest over at blizzcon, with many a player dressing up as their favourite wow character and looking quite cool.

Most people will tell you that :
Cosplayers are weird,
Cosplayers are freaks,
Cosplay is stupid,
Cosplay is for kids.

Normally i'd agree to some extent with this, but a couple in azeroth pointed out that... Cosplayers can look absolutely, complete and totally hellmeltingly hot n sexy as sin itself.
How could any well thinking guy disagree with this?

As of now i'm a full supporter of cosplay.


  1. Tell me about it.

    I always thought cosplay was a little strange (it's definitely something I'll never do) but da-aa-aa-mn.

    I like your blog btw, you're going on our blogroll :D

  2. This is very cool


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