Thursday, February 14, 2008

February 14, 2008
A small update between regular posts

Aside work (software engineering) i've been polishing the links section here on RRVS a bit. One thing you'll notice on the right is the "commissions" section. If you remember a post in januari about your character, you'll remember i linked some sites that do commissions. So here they are, accessibly linked for your viewing pleasure.

One new addition to that is Painting pixie by Megan, creator of Last Call, a webcomic with an alcoholic succubus. You can't go wrong there seriously, just check it out.

Also a reminder, Manic Graffiti does commissions for 200-300 gold. The gold has to be transferrable trough Tichondrius(US) though.

And, LFG page 122 was released today.

Near future

So many ideas, so little time to put them into action. I'm fairly sure that i'm not the only person with that problem. I'm working on a post about stealth (rogues/druids) that should see the front page here soonish. Also one about the good and bad about the auction house, and how it's just so much better than what a lot of us are familiar with (trading wise) from diablo 1, 2, or other games. An article about combat potency, wrath of the lich king, and a number more. I should probably just finish one at a time instead of going 5 at the same time but that's just the way my brain works.

I'm considering doing some interviews to see how other people got their cash, but as i said, time is short, ideas are many.

And i've gone back into the archives and added images, fixed some spelling, and cleaned up some of the older posts.

Site design, still not fully sure how to get rid of the weird bug in the navigation bar bottoms, but that's a fairly minor issue that should be resolved at some point in time. Or as blizzard would say... "soon-tm". I'm going to add an extra square on the topright of the blog with a little description and move the highlights in there as well. I'll have more room that way to change the top banner on the left side. The bottom bar (with counters and copyright) also needs to be a bit more wide but that should be a fairly easy fix.

All things in due time, good work is never finished.