Friday, February 22, 2008

February 22, 2008
I got a dirty mind i can't help it. Blame my ex gf, but some things like this just catch my eye.

Of course like many guilds we have the "paladins have the ultimate safe sex" joke as well, but today i ran into 4Haelz, and they really topped if off with cream and a cherry on top.

Here's some quotes : (NSFW, but damn funny)

[Bellwether] Druids do it in seven forms, depending on spec. Pallies do it with Lay on Hands. Hunters do it with their pets. Shamans do it with earthshock.
[Ves] it is.
[Ves] earthshock? it's that good? drool
[Bellwether] Warlocks do it with a succubus.
[Meekrob] sucks to be hunters...
[Meekrob] hunters use rapid fire. /sob
[DaniAnnasBed] Hunters do it with aimed shot.
[DaniAnnasBed] :D
[Bellwether] Mages also do it Slow
[Bellwether] Tanks do it with stamina.

It's a pretty big post, and i'm not going to quote it all here obviously.
Just stroll over to the post at 4haelz and have a look yourself.


Bell said...

Thanks for linking! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)