Thursday, February 21, 2008

February 21, 2008
The links panel was getting a bit large, this post contains the site's expanded blogroll and other interesting links. It'll be linked from the front page, and frequently updated and expanded.


* Parry! Dodge! Spin!
* Rogue Spot
* Rogue Theorycrap
* Sweet Flag
* A view from behind
* Quincey backstab
* Thoughts for food

* Artanis' Hunter Guide
* Aspect of the Hare
* Big red kitty
* Chain trap
* Epic Dwarfen blogger
* Fulltime wow addict
* Gun loving dwarf chick
* Mania's arcadia
* Petoholics anonymous
* Ready, Aim, Trap
* Survival Hunters Anonymous
* The Hunter's Mark

Misc WoW Links

* MMO Champion
* World of Raids

Web comics

Not all comics are updating frequently, and this is nowhere near the full list of bookmarks that I could show you, but these web comics I can highly recommend looking at. If you want a bigger list you should look at the Belfry WebComics Index.

Younger viewers might want to skip the comics marked with (18+), but i'm not going to stop you. You've been warned.

Wow Comics
* Blanc
* Cascade Failure
* Chidori of the flaming ruby
* Danesar daggerspine
* Dark Legacy
* GG Molecule
* Hammer of Grammar
* Looking for Group
* Shakes and Fidget (German) (mirror)
* World of Zach



These are several artists quite capable of drawing art based on your specifications. Just contact the artist for specifications and pricing.

Suggestions are always welcome, just leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Nice list...

But you forgot to include, that webcomic rocks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the back from having flu all week so more activity to come!