Wednesday, January 09, 2008

January 09, 2008
It's patch day. Hopefully all addons remain working... 2.3.2 Patch Notes, Mirror at EJ For a list of download mirrors i'd recommend looking at WowWiki for a nice list of your localisation. Or a very good and crazy fast mirror is Some highlights - Boat and zeppelin vendors and NPCs are back on duty. - Reduced network latency by disabling the Nagle algorithm. Classes - Hunter Pet leveling speed has been increased. - Druid Ravage: The damage multiplier on this ability has been increased from 350% to 385%. - Paladin Crusader Strike (Retribution) now causes 110% of weapon damage and no longer gains any bonus from spell damage. - Mage Ice Block (Frost) is now available on the trainer to all mages at level 30. - Mage Icy Veins (NEW Frost Talent) decreases casting time of all spells by 20% and increases the chance your chilling effects will freeze the target by 10%. Lasts 20 sec. 3 min cooldown. It is now in the Cold Snap position in the talent tree. Rogues: - Ambush: The damage multiplier on this ability has been increased from 250% to 275%. - Cheat Death: When multiple attacks land simultaenously, all those resolved after the attack which triggered Cheat Death will now have their damage reduced by 90% as intended. However, the combat log will still report them doing full damage. - Hemorrhage: Rank 4 of this ability no longer has its charges consumed by non-physical attacks and spells. - Hemorrhage weapon damage reduced from 125% to 110%, but the damage debuff has been increased. - Hemorrhage: This ability now correctly does additional damage when its debuff has already been applied. - Preparation now resets the cooldown of Shadowstep and no longer resets the cooldown of Adrenaline Rush. - Shadowstep now adds a 3 second, 70% movement speed increase. - Sinister Calling now also increases the percentage damage bonus of Hemorrhage and Backstab by 2/4/6/8/10%. To find out how much these changes affect your rogue you can look at this spreadsheet, or this thread on the EJ forum. It seems to be a slight nerf, but it looks like it's still better to have at least one Tri-Spec hemo rogue in the raid than two combat ones. It does kill Adrenalin Rush + Preparation builds for Arena though. Items - Hex Shrunken Head: This item now has a 20 second shared cooldown with other similar trinkets. Dungeons - Tempest Keep- The Eye The number of Blood Elves guarding Prince Kael'Thas' room has been reduced. ( Turns out this is 2 Packs ) - Zul’Aman The Amani'shi Warrior's Charge ability now has a minimum range. The melee haste provided by Halazzi's Frenzy has been reduced to 100%.