Thursday, January 31, 2008

January 31, 2008
I mentioned earlier that i was planning some layout changes.
Well here you can see that experiment somewhat in progress. I think it beats the dull white on black, sure it's functional but it looks so damn cheap and default.

Anyway, i grabbed the one of the standard templates called "rounders3", then changed the colors somewhat. Turns out not all the colors are customizeable by default, and the template (as they all do) only supports one navigation column.
So, I'll be playing with that a bit.
Leave comments while you can, i'm not likely to do another big layout overhaul for a while once this new one settles in.

The to-do list :
* Add Divs for the second column.
* Assign custom CSS colors to all page elements.
* Make new RSS button.
* Draw an image header.


In case you hadn't noticed earlier, i've recently added a few more links to the navigation bar.
Danesar, a wow comic.
Wow Gem, a nice tool to help you find the gems you need.
Just wow, an image hosting site.

Plus a number of very interesting other blogs.
Which reminds me, check out Blog Azeroth, which seems to be a rapidly growing warcraft blog community.

ps: Anatheron with just 6 healers is a bad idea. We did manage to get him to 50% though. Definitely need to get more healers attuned.