Thursday, January 10, 2008

January 10, 2008
So, the blog is coming along decently, average about 0.8 posts per day.

Visitors spike up and down, and the shinystat counter (that thing there all the way at the bottom) can't keep up with the spikes.
I can give google's stats for those spikes if anyone is interested:
* Wdnesday, 9 January 2008 : 1,764
* Thursday, 27 December 2007 : 1,396
* Friday, 7 December 2007 : 924

And page views have finally hit the 10.000 mark last night. Total page visits still has a little way to go for that.

Not bad, the problem however is that shinystat stops recording when it registers 1000 views so it's pretty inaccurate in the long run. Anyone have a good idea on an alternative counter perhaps? Sitemeter could be an option.
I used to have a site that was using Nedstat, but it seems they sold off their free counter division. (I certainly cba to pay 100$ per year for a counter) That site i mentioned is here, current average 1-2 visits per day, quite a sad comparison to the hundreds it used to have. But halflife is in the past, and with the coming of steam and Halflife 2, custom crosshairs just aren't much in demand anymore.
Aside that, i sort of misplaced my login ftp details for the gamespy site.... i know it's silly, just email gamespy, but i don't have the correct address for that either.

I also had an Ultima Online related site hosted at, but that one's been banned for unknown reasons and the admins refuse to tell me why, or reopen the account. Strange things, and poor service !! Sure it was a free service but still, that's some bad advertising right there people. Always be nice to your customers, even if they don't pay you.

One interesting feature of blogspot is that you can have multiple people posting in a single blog. Perhaps interesting for the future. I'll keep the option open at any rate, if anyone is interested in helping out feel free to leave me a message with some examples of your work. But why post here if you can make your own blog eh? Not sure about that one yet :P

The white on black layout works ok enough for the moment, but that might change at a later point as well. I think it looks a bit cheap right now. Functional, but cheap.

As for further improvements. The logo. Or lack thereof rather.
I got some ideas to improve the currently plain black and white text that's up there into something a bit more fancy but lack the artistic skills to make it a reality in very short notice. So, it's under consideration for the moment.
I should also (in theory) contact a few other wow related blogs and suggest that they could place a link to this blog if i post a link to theirs, but i want a bit more content before doing so. Still i wouldn't complain if they did

Also looking for some further improvements, maybe some functionality. But do people seriously use that a lot?

And on the subject of blog content, the two main strings on the blog "Making Gold" and "Char Planning" seem to be the most interesting bits so far. I'm curious how much interest there would be in an article about pvp, or raiding for instance. Perhaps twinking or more theorycraft. Feedback on the subject would be most appreciated obviously. Perhaps an extra writer could take up the part on pvp as i'm not so much dedicated on that subject.
In order to aid in the feedback options, comments have been set to allow anonymous posts as well now, instead of just google account holders. Also, a poll which you can see on the right side. (just as a test)

Labels, still haven't used these, so i'll need to backtrack all the posts so far and stick those on the posts made so far.
If you're subscribed to the RSS feed this means you might get some spam when i do.
Speaking of which, i need to set up a button for that.

At any rate, the blog continues to grow.
Hope ye all enjoy the read so far !


H said...

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bbr said...

I'll have a look, thanks !

Anonymous said...

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