Monday, January 07, 2008

January 07, 2008
So i figured i'd run windows updater again for a change, i mean it's been 6 months at least.
Couple updates, fixes, criticals n stuff. No problem.
Also noticed an update available for sound and video. BIG MISTAKE !

So i reboot and.... Blue screen of death.... oh boy.
Panic, when was my last backup of critical files. Ages ago..
Just reboot and hope for the best.

"Windows has failed to start up normally last time, blah blah, do you want to start in safe mode?"
Let's try that.
Logfile scrolls by and... Suprisingly it works.
Reboot again.

640x480 - 16 color mode windows greets you !
Oh boy...
Both the video and sound drivers were indeed fucked by microsoft.
Why the hell do they even offer that update if it doesn't work?

So, in the end i spent about 4 hours of my sunday to download, install, configure, install AGAIN, configure again, uninstall extra junk such as steam (piece of crap software if there ever was one) and finally getting back into wow.
Had to uninstall the AtiCCC because whenever it loaded my screen went "yellow", i kid you not.
And why on earth does windows need to reboot after every single thing i install.. Jeez. Macs don't do that.

Sound works again. Though i didn't find out until during the raid that my sound output was routed to my microphone input, so whever i tried talking on TeamSpeak people could only hear the music i was running instead of me.
The weird hiss in my headset seems to be gone at least. ( About the only good thing this has given me )
New annoying ATI icon in the bottom right of my screen that wasn't there before, but cba to find a way to remove it.

Only problem now is that wow is pretty choppy at times. But it seems to be more related to the pc itself not coping with the drivers.
The entire thing just freezes for 2-3 seconds at times.

Moral of the story? If it ain't broken, don't try to fix it.
And certainly don't trust Microsoft to help you.

So yeah, great weekend, how about you?