Wednesday, January 23, 2008

January 23, 2008
Your character is like a mini version of yourself, your avatar, able to do things you'd never be able to do yourself. Slaying dragons, jumping off 40 feer cliffs, ride a raptor, swim trough lava, walk on water and many many more things. It's a very personal thing, and most of us have a strong attachment to our secondary selves. Most of us wouldn't dream of ever selling the account and this part of ourselves to which we worked so hard to get where they are today, even if we some day may quit playing. At any rate, it's not suprising that some people would want to make their characters immortal in some way. I've linked a site called FigurePrints in a previous post. But obviously there are many more sites that offer other character related services. One of such is for example to have your character drawn in 2D rather than 3D. Obsidian, creator of this web comic (which coincidentally is a very nice comic) has come up with a little service that'll cost you $40-$80. This young chinese lady makes clay figures, though i'm not sure if she does commissions. Anya, the creator of Manic Graffiti also does pencil commissions for about $20-$80 depending on whether you want a mount, pets etc drawn. She also performs this service if you pay a certain amount of ingame gold. Wyndforge has some really nice art as well, pricing unknown however. Ethereal Legacies(nsfw) also does commissions, for about ~50$ depending on the size and quality that you need. If you know any others worth mentioning here, feel free to leave a comment and i'll edit it in here.