Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January 16, 2008
The best form of flattery they say.

Well, it seems 2 blogs made by some apparently chinese guy (or who at least has pathetic english skills) who loves to link to goldsellers decided that the 4 chapters on gold making that i've posted so far were interesting enough to copy for his own purpose. And no, i'm not posting their url here, as i have no plans of giving them free traffic to boot. Although it'd allow you guys to spit some acid at them.... hmm.. What should i do? Just leave a comment and let me know. i'll consider it

So yeah, we've been blatantly copied.
I don't know what to think yet. It's funny in a way, they could at least have added a link back to the source. Or write an article about there being an article with helpful tips much like these nice guys have done. /wave
Wish i could read that tbh, it seems an interesting site.

If you find any people performing such acts of copyright violation (if you could call it that) feel free to let me know.

Update : Suprisingly he actually added backlinks after requesting it. Though i'm still not too happy about the guides being on a site that supports goldselling, it was only a matter of time before that occured.


Anonymous said...

Some guy literally copied 10 posts or so from my blog (not yawn, some older one), put it on his blog with some shit ads. Of course, he ignores my attempts to contact him. I wouldn't say a thing if he only put a link back to my blog in the posts, but he did not - he even removed my own interlinking within the posts. He's not even in supplemental results on Google, and has no inbound links. I usually have to struggle for search engines to index my site and get a decent ranking. It's frustrating really.

Worse thing is, my blog is hosted on Blogger, and so is that guy's. I've sent an email to Blogger support about it, hoping he would at least be warned or something and remove to content, but the idiots from blogger replied with some automated shit message saying I have to fill out some forms and send them via snailmail... So I just said fuck it and gave up.
God, even thinking about it again makes me mad.

Basically, you have to live with it.