Friday, January 04, 2008

January 04, 2008
A little highlight on one of the links you can see on the left. EJ, or Elitist Jerks. It's a WoW guild like many others, who as a guild like quite a few others have killed Illidan in Black Temple, and like many others have a forum where they fool around from time to time. However, unlike many others, their forum receives hundreds of new posts every day. Topics on pvp, theorycrafting, boss tactics, and well, lots more. Now, before you storm off to make a post i'll warn you that they don't like retards. for good reason. So kindly ensure you read the regulations, or just browse for a while and observe proper forum etiquette before making a fool of yourself and get banned. That's right, you won't find any 12 year olds posting keyloggers, any rickroll fake links, any emo kids posting about why their girlfriend deleted their lvl 70 char, silly ninja whines, or any of the other crap that gets posted on the "official" forums quite regularly. Some of the highlights which make this a thriving community can be found in the theorycraft (or class mechanics) forum. Some examples are : * Enhance shaman, collected works of theorycraft Volume 1. With over a million views so far, and more than 6000 posts. It's gigantic ! * Rogue DPS Spearsheet, (related link) Progress on pretty much all rogue theorycraft ongoing. * Working theories of theorycraft, a summary on the most accepted theorycraft facts and findings. * Survival hunter raiding, every raid should have one. * And ofcourse the Quick links to the most prominent class info threads on this forum. Be sure to check it out sometime. If you're even slightly interested in improving the knowledge you have your class, you won't regret it.


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Anonymous said...

EJ is full of pretentious douchebags.