Saturday, January 05, 2008

January 05, 2008
With disenchanting In part also covered in this thread at the EJ forums. Firstly, you can obviously farm instances such as BRD for Large Brilliant Shards. These sell for about 6-8g currenly on my server. Check the linked article for more info on that. This post will detail a large part of making money by disenchanting items from crafting. Lets presume you either have a friend who can make and disenchant for you, or you have all the characters and patterns you need to do all this yourself. Note that it "really" helps here if you can do this all by yourself, as you won't have to share your profits. This method involves the combination of trade crafts, and disenchanting the results. We'll aim at the popular high end enchanting materials. Firstly the price list Large prismatic shard, sells for about 30-35g on our AH currently. 3 Small prismatic shards can be converted into 1 Large, thus logically sell for about 1/3 their price. Arcane dust, sells for about 1g - 1g30s at the time of writing this. Greater planar essence, sells for about 8g. 3 Lesser planar essences can be converted into 1 big one, funny enough they sell for about 1g cheaper. Void Crystal about 15g. Before you start, don't try to scrape together cash too much by buying something for 20g, then selling it for 21g. Aside that you'd barely make any profit to begin with, the auction house always takes 5% of your earnings, thus you'd actually make out worse in the end. (Hence i didn't buy out all the lesser planar essences and tried to resell them as large ones) Next, the cost of raw materials Adamantite Powder : Which is a waste product basically. If you're a jewelcrafter you should have loads of these. But if needed can be obtained for about 1g ea on the AH. I recommend talking directly to anyone selling these though as you should be able to make a deal for some cheaper stuff. For the sake of example i'll set it as 25s. Primal Earth : Currently selling for 3g at my auction house. Mercurial Adamantite, sells for 10g on the AH, but can be made for 4-7g if you do it yourself. Eternium bar : Sells for about 1g on our AH Fel iron bar : Sells for about 1g on our AH (Or better, 35-40s per ore) Felsteel bar : About 5g to make (3 fel iron 2 eternium bars) Let's start with Jewelcrafting Braided Eternium Chain and Thick Felsteel Necklace, both have a pretty much guaranteed chance to produce a Large prismatic shard. Henceforth referred to as BEC, and TFN. Cost to craft BEC = 14g 2x Eternium = 2g 3x Mercurial Adamantite = 3*(4 powder + 1 Prinal Earth) = 12g Cost to craft TFN = 20g Same as BEC only requires 6 extra fel iron bars to produce. Disenchanting the BEC / TFN yields you a LPS about 99.5% of the time. Void crystals are only about 15g at the moment. So, even if you get a Void crystal you should still cut about even. If you sell the Large Prismatics at 30g, you'd get between 10-16g profit per item disenchanted. It's a great way to get rid of those useless adamantite powders, or elemental earths. Mind you, if you'd bought the adamantite powder the TFN wouldn't yield you any profits. The BEC would cost you 22g to make vs 30-35g profit however. Brilliant Pearl Band : 4-5g to make 10g return value 8x Jaggal Pearl : 35-50s ea : 3-4g 2x Eternium Bar : 1g ea Green gems Here things get tricky to calculate. Now, if you're an addict prospecter i'm sure you've got a few hundred of each color of green quality gem sitting around in a bank alt somewhere. How would you like to make some easy profit out of them? Sure you could sell them to the vendor for 25s ea, as nobody will buy them off the AH anyway. But there is a better way. Azure Moonstone Ring : Lets say 2g to make. 1x Fel Iron Bar : 1g 2x Azure Moonstone : ~30s*2 1x Deep Peridot : ~30s Disenchanting according to thottbot : Arcane Dust 178.5% : 1.78*1.15 : 2g 04s 7c Lesser Planar Essence 63.5% : 0.635*2.6667 : 1g 69s 33c Small Prismatic Shard 2.0% : 0.02*10 : 20s Total value : 3g 93s 4c Golden Draenite Ring : About 1g 60s to make, expected return value ~3g50s 1x Fel Iron Bar : 1g 2x Golden Draenite : ~30s*2 Fel Iron Blood Ring : About 1g 60s to make, expected return value ~3g50s 1x Fel Iron Bar : 1g 2x Blood Garnet : ~30s*2 Also somewhat interesting, but depends on what you can get for Small Radiant shards on your server. Aquamarine signet : About 2g-4g to make, 6-7g return value. 3xAquamarine : 50s-1g *3 is about 1g50-3g, 2g25 median. 4xFlask of Mojo : 10s-25s, 50s-1g total Tailoring Arcanoweave bracers : 18g 60s to make, 30-35g return 6x Bolt of Netherweave : 5g 60s 12x Arcane Dust : 12g 2x Rune Thread : 1g (Bit less depending on rep) Blacksmithing Not much of interest that i can see at this time. The thread mentioned these 2, but my server's economy doesn't really support it as worthwhile. Perhaps yours is different. Fel Iron Breastplate : 10g to make, about 7g return value, got worth it. Arcane Dust 266.9% : 2.669*1.15 : 3g 6s 93c Greater Planar Essence 33.9% : 2g 71s 2c Large Prismatic Shard 3.7% : 1g 11s Fel iron Chain Coif : 4g to make, about 3g 70s return value, not worth it. Arcane Dust 183.2% : 2.1068 Lesser Planar Essence 63.1% : 1.5775 Small Prismatic Shard 1.5% : 15s Engineering Cogspinner Goggles Cost to make will vary a lot per server and your leather prices. Average cost to make would be about 9g for the dust, 50s for the gems, and anywhere from 4g to 12g for the leather. The item disenchants into a Large Prismatic Shard. Leatherworking Thick Draenic Gloves : about 4g to make, expected return value ~2g so probably not worth it. Not sure on some of the return values yet as thottbot just crashed. Go figure. I'll need to update this article further at a later time. Enjoy the Jewelcrafting part so far.


Anonymous said...

OK, in a polite manner. Why would you recommend disenchanting a TFN for a large prismatic shard, when on average (meaning MOST economies on many servers), a TFN will sell for twice as much or more than a LPS? I can't imagine an economy on ANY server where TFN would sell for LESS than a LPS, along with most of the other examples you've given.

bbr said...

Well for one, the price of LPS fluctuates, and it's now about 10g lower on my server than it was when this article was written.
Secondly, TFN isn't easy to sell, and when it fails means you lose your AH deposit. Especially if you're making a lot of them this means you'll have a hard time getting rid of them.

Shards can sell in stacks, and don't have a deposit fee.
The BEC is superior for disenchanting as it's cheaper to make. TFN is listed as the closest viable alternative if you need shards.

Anonymous said...

First, let me apologize for calling this post stupid. It looks like you've put a lot of time and effort into this and that shouldn't be marginalized. However, the problem as I see it is this: The numbers you're using to figure expenditures are taken from Thottbot's "average" median prices, BUT, the numbers you use for calculating profit margins are "server specific", and frankly you just can't do that when making a guide that tells people on EVERY server how to make money with enchanting. Sure, you'd make money by disenchanting say, a TFN and selling the shard, but what you're doing is gimping your crafting profit and settling for a lower gathering profit. At a certain profit margin, AH deposits become a negligible cost.
Example: Brilliant Pearl Band.
Assuming average cost to make (taken from thottbot) is 5g. Selling the SPS would only yield you (on average) 8-9g. That's only a profit of 3-4g. Say your cost to make it was nil, profit would be 8-9g. Fair. However, the item ITSELF sells for (again, on average) around 30g! Even if you had to post an auction 3 times to sell it, costing you 4g in AH deposits and even had to lower the item to 20g, you'd still be making 8-9g more on the item than a shard (remember, the last AH deposit gets refunded). So ask yourself, would you rather have 8-9g for a shard, or 17g-20g+ for the actual item you just worked hard to craft? Also, what I tell people who say that you can't sell that item all the time to get money is, rotate your crafting items!!! TFN btw is an AMAZING 3v3,5v5 Arena caster necklace.

bbr said...

Well, 2.4 is coming closer and the shards are going down in value most likely.
I sold a stack of 10 for 250g earlier, which adds up nicely if you need cash.

The AH is pretty random though, you can only sell "so much" of a certain item before others join in, or start undercutting you.
Earthstorm diamonds are another example, it costs about 30-40g to make one, and i can sell them for as much as 150g on a good day (130g more regular), sometimes there's as many as 6 others on however, then it's better to just wait and sit on your stock. For the necklaces it'd likely end up with a similar occurrence, in the end an item is only worth as much as what the customer is willing to pay for it. While the smarter people will just craft their own.

The guide isn't intended to be God's word made physical, but in fact just a guide. Prices will fluctuate from server to server, and so will profits. As such it's impossible to make it 100% accurate. The main help i can give in a guide is to offer suggestions, common sense that most people but not everyone may have. And in the end people will need to find a way to put the knowledge to practical use. As you obviously have done. :p

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, Enchanting is a very lucrative profession, especially when it comes to selling LPS, I mean, they're HOT. But, I just have a hard time justifying disenchanting something that I know will sell for more than the shard I'd be getting. Since crafting blue items is somewhat of a chore to do anyway, I just can't see disenchanting them as something you could do much of either, (kinda like trying to sell too many of the same item). It would seem to me that the tactic of it all would vastly depend on the fluctuation of the market (especially in regards to mats if you can't farm them, which you won't if you have enchanting and JC..unless you have a main that can) and not a solid constant stream of cash intake. One way I HAVE found to make money consistently though, is to farm adamantite ore with my main, send it to my JC alt and prospect it. Generally you get 1 blue gem per stack of adamantite (you'll see this more when larger quantities are prospected, I usually do around 30 stacks). I then get a JC who's looking to level up to cut them into various gems for free, this is KEY! (since they're just trying to level, this is very easy...or I do it myself if I have the skill and plan), then sell them in the AH or trade channel (trade chat is your best friend). What this looks like is this:

1 stack of adamantite ore = 23-25g on my server (and almost average according to thottbot).

1 cut blue gem = 33g-61g depending on variety and cut (Except Talasite they suck, which I believe you stated in another section of your guide) Find out what sells best on your server for each type of gem..but the average price for all gems total is around 40g)

You've just now roughly doubled the value of your stacks of adamantite at no cost.

Now this is obviously subject to luck as your gem drop is random, but I've found it to be pretty consistent. Even if you don't effectively double your value due to market fluctuations, you still stand to gain...

Also, the upcoming Sunwell patch will obviously be affecting the value of blue gems in a negative way making them cheaper due to the creation of Brilliant Glass (if that is confirmed anyway) so perhaps even this tactic is heading out the window only depends on what the patch does to the price of Adamantite ore. Although green gems should be getting a price boost ;)

Anonymous said...

...Also, forgot to mention that the reason this works is because with all the different cuts there are for blue gems, you're pretty much assured to not be selling too much of the "same" item over and over...

bbr said...

Aye, i haven't bothered getting a high end jewelcrafter myself.
I got an alt with maxed skill, but only two or three patterns.

The glass is likely, though not much is known about it yet.
Either way, due to epic gems becoming available for a low price of 15 Badge of Justice, i suspect the blue gems will drop significantly in value.

Since the high price on Adamantite ore is mainly due to jewelcrafters buying it all out it's quite likely that the price on ore will drop considerably along with the gam values in 2.4, with or without the glass. Green gems will probably go up in value if anything, as they are still needed for the meta gems.

To get my alt's JC up to 375 i got the Braided Eternium chain pattern, this got him from 360 practically for free. And i still have a good number of chains i can use for raids, then disenchant when they are empty.

If there's a gem i need made, we have a good few jewelcrafters in the guild who will gladly help out. One of the benefits of being in a raiding guild i guess :P

At the same time i produce mana potion injectors, and enchants with their materials. Everyone helps out.

Talasite suck, but i find that the Resilience + stamina one (the name escapes me for the moment) is one of the more popular ones. It should be available trough the Halaa vendor. If you got a big stack of talasite, that might be worth looking into.

Enchanting is a great profession, but it really shines if you're a stealth class. Soloing instances can be quite lucrative.

Anonymous said...

Your last statement is the sole reason I am contemplating dropping Blacksmithing for Enchanting. I am highly disappointed in BS, and stealth runs are just too much fun. ....Mana Tombs anyone?? ;)

Also, I didn't realize that epic gems were going to be available for badges. I heard that Nether Vortexes were going to be available for purchase and that them along with primal nethers were going to NO longer be bop? It almost feels as if Blizz is trying to put a monetary value on the badges themselves. Wonder how many more people are gonna catch on to selling heroic runs for ...oh so many new markets to explore with the next patch :)

Anonymous said...

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