Friday, January 11, 2008

January 11, 2008
Ever seen that message? I know i have. Well, in 2.3.2 they found something to help you trace the root of the issue. Source link. To diagnose this, enter the following into chat "/console taintLog 1" and restart the game and try to reproduce it. If you reproduce it, you can quit the game and search through the file Logs\taint.log for the word "blocked". Once you have done this you can turn off logging by entering the following into chat "/console taintLog 0" You'll only get the "blocked" messages in combat, so the easiest way to test this is to go to a low level zone and let a weak creature attack you while you do things involving targeting, group changes, pet changes, etc. Remember, taint by itself is fine, it only becomes a problem if it results in a "blocked" message. Well there you go, i'll give it a try myself later as well. Also, coming soon : A Blog post about WotLK, and one about socketing Gems. And proper RSS button added.


Exanimo said...

Get this error message alot myself.. but as long as i don't get other problems i'm not too worried about it.
Any time spend on stuff like this is time lost to alt :P

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