Thursday, January 03, 2008

January 03, 2008
Am i the only one thinking... "who is this guy?"

Mr.T everyone knows him, right? You'd have to be some outback Jack not to know this guy, and even then i'd be suprised if you hadn't heard of him.
Mini Me (V Troyer) is da man ! Dr Evil, Austin powers, etc. Just google it.
JC van Damme is a pretty well known, though somewhat a dated actor.
William Shatner, even though i don't like starwars, i can see that's what this guy is "probably" related to somehow. The whole Jedi thing 'n all.

But seriously, who the fuck is Willy toledo ?
You might as well show me howard and tell me he's a popular comedian from southern spain. I might even believe you.


willytoledo said...

May you don't know anybody than americans, but there are lots of spanish and south american playing WoW. Willy Toledo is an spanish actor very known for them, he has a strong and caracteristic personallity, and a great sense of humour.
Everybody in spanish servers talks about this add.
Blizzard is smart about this add ...