Monday, January 28, 2008

January 28, 2008
So, the results of the little poll "What are you looking forward to" :
* Gold making tips - 46 (60%)
* Patch 2.4 - 17 (22%)
* Wrath of the Lich King - 16 (21%)
* Character planning tips - 7 (9%)
* Arena Season 4 - 7 (9%)
* Improvements to the site - 2 (2%)
* Other... - 2 (2%)

Seems more people are interested in ways to make money than you are in the next expansion !
I guess the poll is a bit biased based on the type of visitors we get here eh?

Curious how more people are interested in the next patch compared to WotLK though, you'd think more were looking forward to such a big thing.

So the new poll is up. How are you doing on gold?
Are you a poor man, or a rich man? Did any of the guides (link on the left) get you more money than you had before?
I'm curious, how about it.

Also, added Ethereal Legacies (Warning: NSFW but damn awesome) to this post about commissions.