Monday, January 07, 2008

January 07, 2008
Just great, i do a quick reboot at 1930 (15m before raid), and... Fatal blue...


Windows kept crashing, safe mode wouldn't load, booting from the util partition didn't show any errors.
I think I spend about 2,5 hours trying to get into dos or any kind of command prompt on a XP machine. I just couldn't get onto the C:\ drive no matter what i did.
Tried a w95 floppy i had lying around, no go.
Tried booting from USB stick i formatted from the laptop, no go.
Made a w98 flop with my older pc, no go.
Made a wXP flop with the neighbour's pc, no go.

Time for surgery.
I removed the HD from my pc, and put it in the older (p350 eww) pc, in the hopes of getting access to it as a slave drive.
Frantically tried getting that to work for about an hour while switching jumpers around and waiting for the slow piece of crap to load, but no go.
At some point i was about to give up and bring the drive to work the next day, but then I stumbled upon the holy grail hidden away at the bottom of one of my drawers. "Dell restore CD". Ofcourse! It's so simple!
It took a minute of swearing to find out it actually had to go into the DVD drive to boot from it... Dell logic, i dunno. But finally managed to get the darn thing working again.

It's just not my luck this week.

Logged back on at about 22.15 to find the guild happily wiping on Kael'Thas.
I managed to join for one last trash clear + attempt.
We got him to 32% or something. Main Tank died at 51%, of all the luck... /sigh
That damn elf would probably have been dead otherwise.

It's frustrating how close we are to killing him, but we'll get there soon.
Also, we're recruiting. More on that at our guild site, just in case you're interested.
Off the top of my head, I think a 2h DPS warrior with blood frenzy, and a Holy Paladin are currently the most needed.